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    I am sure this topic has been presented before but here it goes again.

    My department has opened its by laws to be updated. I what to establish a "ZERO TOLERANCE" for coming to calls and functions while being intoxicated. YES, this is still a big problem and our cheif will do nothing stating the current by laws are unclear or maybe because it is mostly his officers who voilate this rule. Yet he preaches that attendance at calls are way down and will act on this section of the bylaws.

    If anyone has a zero tolerence in their bylaws please send either a copy or that statement.

    [email protected]

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    I,as Cheif of an Independent Company, has 0 tolerance of members responding to calls while intoxicated for several reasons...

    # 1.... Intoxication hinders performance and can and will also cause uneccessary hazards.

    # 2.... Most insurance companies will NOT cover intoxicated members should something happen and they got hurt or got someone else hurt...then it comes out of our own pockets.

    # 3.... It can ruin a Companies name with members responding to calls while being drunk or inder the influence,this meaning anything that may "hinder a persons performance including but not limited to drugs and/or alcohol".

    According to our by-laws...if ANY member misses too many calls simply because of being drunk or constantly drunk then possible or mandatory membership termination may result.Calls missed are determined on circumstances and based on manpower that may have been needed on a particular scene.

    Even though our manpower is very low,Id rather "double up the duties"
    of my men temporarily than to suffer a possible injury and face possible lawsuits that may arise from the occasion.

    In my opinion,if I was your Chief,I would SERIOUSLY make this particular by-law MANDATORY...otherwise people may end up getting hurt or sued.Otherwise I would see to it that the Board of Directors make it a mandatory by-law regardless of manpower capabilities.

    Donna C
    Fire Chief
    Bridge Canyon VFD


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      I would suggest consulting your fire district's or municipalities attorney and/or insurance company. They most likely represent other fire districts in your area, and may have suggestions on verbage etc. for a policy.
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