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  • Textbook writer seeking survival stories

    Hi all,
    I'm a writer based in New York, working on a freelance project for a textbook called Firefighter's Handbook: Essentials of Firefighting and Emergency Response, 2nd edition, to be published by Delmar Learning. It is based on the NFPA 1001 Standard, and accompanies FF I and II courses.

    My role is to add real-life stories of how firefighters used their training to each of the chapters. The chapter I am looking to find stories for is on firefighter survival, so I'm hoping to find a story of a firefighter who has been in a dangerous situation (for example, trapped in a room, on a roof collapse, lost in a smoky building, etc) and how they used their training to help them out of the situation. Definitely a dramatic story is the best, but what's more important is the clearly stated lesson.

    Do *you* have a story that fits? If so, please email me at the address listed below. I'd need to speak with someone before Friday via phone for around 15-20 minutes. The person's story will appear in the book accompanyied by their name/affiliation. We'll send you a copy of the book when it is complete.

    Thanks in advance!

    Margaret Magnarelli
    [email protected]

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    Talk to the friendly folks at Firehouse Magazine. They have a section in their magazine for stories like that, maybe they can help.
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