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A very interesting USA Today Article

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  • A very interesting USA Today Article

    Alrighty brothers and sisters, this article has just come to my attention.

    Apparently it is one of a number of articles written by USA Today reports on the state of Pre-hospital Emergency Medical Care, and how some major Fire Department’s and EHS providers (both separated and integrated) are lacking, and how others are evolving.

    It is a very long article, but if you have a few minutes, I recommend reading it. Some of the information they present is rather interesting (or could be seen as shocking to those not in the service).

    I know, from personal experience, that there have been times when our FD hasn’t even been toned out and the ambulance is 15 minutes away; or, we get a "delayed response," where we are toned out 5-10 minutes after EHS, even for calls within blocks of our station.

    Anyhow, this particular article is called "Turf Wars" and touches briefly on a number of different issues.

    I just thought I would bring it to your attention and maybe we can CALMLY discuss this issue, what some departments have done, and what some departments are doing, what works and what doesn't.

    "No one ever called the Fire Department for doing something smart..."

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    Ok, the firehouse main page also has a link to it, and is has some additional information, etc.

    "No one ever called the Fire Department for doing something smart..."


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      Scary stuff. An engine company doesn't turn a wheel for 3 minutes after being dispatched to a "man down" call, which is then updated to "CPR in progress" while they're still in quarters??? Unreal....


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        It is a good article and with any luck it will make people wake up. I know that with my place the Police get all 911 calls, and often times they ask a bunch of questions even after they know the call should be forwarded to the fire desk. Then after the transfer they stay on the line and sometimes interfere with the fire desks questions by asking police related questions. I have heard the police dispatch a car to assist the FD with a call and then have it take another 4 minutes for the call to go out.
        At one time we were forbidden from responding to a call prior to our tones going off. And many times we hear the police go out, have time to **** get out to the rig start it pull it out and still wait for the tones.
        Myself I have the crew start in non emergency then light it up with the tones. While I have had my *** chewed for this it is better for the people. But if you look at our times we make it to the scene under 4 minutes for around 95% of our calls. Our dispatch center doesn't start the clock until we get punched out.

        Just like the Firehouse run survey numbers can and are manipulated to serve the info gatherer.


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          Unfortunately, no one will care. It will create a little buzz but then we are back to watching Kobe's trial, and mournign Laci Peterson.

          It brings to light a good point about the turf battles. Waiting a few minutes after the tone to even start moving is asinine. Especially when you know someone is thumping the guys' chest. Unfortunately we get it from some police officers too who believe in the ABCs - Ambulance Before Cruiser. They forget that we are public servants and owe our best to them. It may sound idealistic but it is the truth.
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