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Three people die, trapped in burning car

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  • Three people die, trapped in burning car

    Three people died earlier today in Gateshead, United Kingdon, when the car they were travelling in collided with a tree and burst into flames. A fourth passenger was rescued by member of the public.

    But the others stood no chance as they lay in the mangled wreckage of the vehicle.

    The carnage happened shortly before 1am today as the Seat Cordoba was travelling on Shields Road, Bill Quay, Gateshead.

    The three dead are believed to be two women and a man but police are still trying to identify the victims.

    The survivor who was pulled clear, a 26-year-old Tyneside man, suffered serious burns and is being treated at Newcastle Royal Victoria Infirmary.

    A police spokeswoman said: "It is believed the car mounted the nearside kerb and collided with a tree before catching fire.

    "Four people were inside the car. One of them, a rear seat passenger, was taken from the car to hospital with serious burns.

    "We are trying to establish the identity of the other three but they are believed to be two women and a man.

    "No other vehicles were involved and a full accident investigation is still ongoing."

    A police surgeon confirmed the three victims dead at the scene.

    Fire service crews from Gateshead, Newcastle and Hebburn were called to the blaze.

    Horrified locals who witnessed the tragedy as they rushed to their doors to see what was happening told of their horror.

    Carole Jardine who lives a few hundred yards away in Claremont Terrace was asleep in bed when she heard the sound of a car being driven past her home.

    She said: "There was no traffic on the road, all of a sudden I heard a car go past really quite fast. I said `God he's doing some speed, next bang'.

    "At the bottom of the road it dips slightly and the driver might not have been familiar with the road, I don't know, then there was the sound of a terrific crash."

    Carole, 50, has not slept all night and sobbed non-stop as she recalled the horrific details of what happened next.

    She said: "My son Peter came running in shouting `Ring 999, there's been a crash'. He looked out the window and said the car was on fire.

    "The next thing I knew Peter was out of the door. He's 17 and he wants to join the Army and he's on a pre-uniform training course and knows something about first aid.

    "Peter got to the vehicle in a flash and I was shortly behind him. There were three young lads who I think must have been passing by and they had dragged the driver out through the driver's window.

    "The car was on fire and the driver was on fire. They were trying to pat the flames out and Peter told them to roll him over on the grass.

    "Peter was right up to the vehicle, there was another lad in the back seat and Peter was shouting at him `We'll get you out, we'll get you out'.

    "The lad was totally trapped, the vehicle was a mangled mess, Peter tried to get him out but couldn't.

    "The lad didn't speak, he lifted his head slightly and just looked. He was totally stunned, I don't know if he had been knocked out temporarily and had just come round.

    "I was shouting at Peter to get away from the car, I was terrified it was going to explode. The next thing the flames totally engulfed the lad in the back, he was a ball of fire."

    Before police, fire brigade and ambulance arrived, Peter spoke to the driver on the ground, tried to comfort him and keep him calm.

    Carole added: "I just haven't been able to sleep all night, I can't stop crying, it was like something from an Arnold Schwarznegger movie, I keep thinking about that lad's mother and how she must be feeling."

    A sister of one of the victims left a ribbon on the tree where the three had died.
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