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    WESTMINSTER, Mass. (AP) - Investigators are warning residents in
    Westminster and Ashburnham to be careful opening their mailboxes
    after three homemade bombs were found in the two towns on Saturday.
    Westminster Fire Chief Brenton W. MacAloney said the person or
    persons who planted the bombs- two in Westminster and one in
    Ashburnham - have at least a basic understanding of constructing
    The state fire marshal's office and the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol,
    Tobacco and Firearms are investigating.
    "The fact that they were able to explode shows the person or
    persons are beyond the trial stage," MacAloney told The Associated
    Press, adding that the device suggests "middle of the road"
    expertise in mixing chemicals to create an explosion.
    "It's probably meant to cause damage," rather than harm
    people, he said, "but it will cause injury." In one case, he
    explained, a projectile was pushed out with enough force "to push
    open the door of the mailbox and shoot across the street."
    "There's enough force, enough chemicals in there, that someone
    can get hurt," MacAloney said.
    Two Westminster mailboxes and one in Ashburnham were blown up,
    but no injuries were reported. MacAloney said all the mailbox
    owners have in common is they live on the same rural road.
    On Saturday morning in Ashburnham, police discovered a partially
    destroyed plastic bottle in a mailbox. The container appeared to be
    a homemade chemical explosive device, which included BB pellets and
    small pieces of tin foil, Ashburnham Police Chief Roy Bourque told
    the Telegram and Gazette of Worcester.
    The devices are being analyzed at the state police crime lab.
    A resident told police she heard a car driving by the house
    around midnight, and then heard a loud explosion, which she at
    first assumed was a firecracker.
    MacAloney asked residents to use caution, to stand to the side
    when opening their mailboxes. He said anyone who finds such a
    device, exploded or unexploded, should call the fire department.

    (Copyright 2003 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

    Maybe they should call the Police department instead? Who remembers the firefighter with the broomstick....not too long ago?

    Earlville, Iowa, volunteer firefighter Leon Hildebrand keeps his distance while opening a rural mailbox with a wooden pole...
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