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  • What in the Hell are they thinking?

    Protests fail to stop new fire station; News

    Copyright 2003 Gale Group, Inc.
    Copyright 2003 Paddock Publications
    Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)
    July 9, 2003

    Byline: Amy McLaughlin Daily Herald Staff Writer
    A proposal for a $ 9 million Des Plaines fire station and headquarters on the city's south side is moving forward, despite complaints from nearby neighbors it won't fit in with surrounding houses.

    After hours of arguing and debate, a 7-1 majority of aldermen selected a design for the building and awarded an architectural contract to Sente, Rubel Bosman and Lee Architects.

    The contract calls for the firm to be paid 6.5 percent of construction cost.

    The city already owns the land for the proposed site at the southwest corner of Lee Street and Prospect Lane West. The land cost about $ 2 million.
    The 38,000-square-foot station will replace Fire Station No. 2 on Oakton Street and will be built to include the department's administrative headquarters (currently located in Fire Station No. 1). It will have offices, a living area for firefighters, a training room and five bays for fire equipment.

    The firefighters who will use this station are currently working out of a Rosemont fire station while repairs are made to the roof of the Oakton Street station. The city is spending about $ 190,000 to bolster a sagging roof over the equipment bays.

    Aldermen put off any decision on funding the new station for at least two weeks while they discuss their options. The earliest construction could start on a new station is 2004.

    First Ward Alderman Patricia K. Beauvais, who chairs the public safety committee, said aldermen are looking at ways to pay for the project other than borrowing money that will be paid off by taxpayers.

    "I think it will be a good investment in the community," Beauvais said.

    If the construction cost is entirely funded by borrowing or selling bonds, it could cost the owner of a home worth $ 400,000 an additional $ 55 to $ 60 a year, Beauvais said.

    Discussion on the station became heated Monday when nearby residents complained about its size, location and potential impact on the neighborhood.

    Fifth Ward Alderman Carla Brookman, who was the lone vote against the contract, accused other aldermen of not listening to residents.

    "I am opposed to this location and I'm also opposed, and so are they (residents) to the extravagant price of $ 17 million," Brookman said.

    The $ 17 million includes the cost of the land and building, plus nearly $ 6 million in interest over the life of a 20-year loan.

    Several nearby residents said the new station may contribute to flooding and increase traffic in a residential area.

    "You're talking about five bays and a full basement in my back yard," nearby resident Mary Rohde said. "Listen to us."

    Brookman said she'd rather see the city buy more land around the present Oakton Street station and build a new and larger station at that location.

    Fire Chief Tom Farinella, however, said city officials have had their eyes on the new site for a future fire station for at least 10 years. He said it is more centrally located.

    A few aldermen pointed out this site was selected two years ago and they have had several public meetings with residents since then.

    "Property was purchased. It's going there," 2nd Ward Alderman Thomas J. Christiansen said.

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    Hello? It's a friggin' fire house you boobs. AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH!!!!

    People amaze me with their stupidity sometimes. Oh no, I don't want the firehouse in my neighborhood. I'd rather have to wait for a longer amount of time for a fire truck or an ambulance. And this nonsense about heavier traffic, come on. This gets rediculous sometimes. Maybe I'm just getting totally loopy in my old age but I can't believe people are complaining about this.
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    Discussion on the station became heated Monday when nearby residents complained about its size, location and potential impact on the neighborhood.
    The potential impact on the neighborhood? I would be more worried about something being in the water these people are drinking. It must be affecting their ability to think clearly. This addition to the neighborhood could only result in a safer environment. Traffic concerns? Yeah, from the 37 people who might come to visit the station during the year. Impact? Reduced response times to their location.

    God forbid...their kids might even learn something, from hanging out with the brothers at the station. How awful.

    Hey .....are you allowed to say "boobs" in the Forums?
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      Of course you can say "Boobs". You can even say BIG BOOBS
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        I GOT ME A COUSIN IN THAT NECK OF THE WOODS...HE NEVER WAS THAT BRIGHT.. WOW people it is a firehouse god .....


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          the NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) syndrome at it's finest...

          What will the residents get?

          Lower fire insurance costs.
          Lowered response times.
          Better fire protection.

          Ummm.... can you say no brainer?
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            Geez, if I had a firehouse on my block, not only would I be thrilled, my 5 year old son would be also.

            What in the Hell are they thinking?
            Simple, they aren't.

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              All I can say, is it's DuPage County at it's fniest (sorry ADSNWNFD). Everybody wants to be Barrington or Inverness.

              Although, I gotta agree $17 mil is a lot o' cash for a fire station (I realize that this price tag includes property and interest on the loan). That's still a lot of coin.

              Like Gonzo said, the NIMBY's only worry about the dreaded water. Cause you know, every time you build, it dumps all the water in my yard. DAMN THE WATER!!! DAMN THE WATER!!!!

              (Note to hwoods: BIG BOOBS. It's kinda fun to say that. Boobs are cool.)
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                Control yourself Jay

                Discussion on the station became heated Monday when nearby residents complained about its size, location and potential impact on the neighborhood.
                NJ that comment jumped out at me too ... first thing that popped into my mind was "Yeah, a POSITIVE impact"!!!

                These people REALLY aren't thinking at all. Sounds like an exclusionary type of neighborhood to say the least.
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                  "I am opposed to this location and I'm also opposed, and so are they (residents) to the extravagant price of $ 17 million," Brookman said.
                  But $167.8 million is okay for a frickin' stadium?
                  Stadium: Comiskey Park
                  Team: Chicago White Sox
                  Capacity: 44,321
                  Year Opened: 1991
                  Original Cost: $167.8 Million
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                  Information taken from here.

                  Yet publicly-subsidized stadium projects of all types are in the works with self-interested municipalities all across the nation: Anaheim, California; Baltimore, Maryland; Birmingham, Alabama; Boston, Massachusetts; Chicago, Illinois; Cincinnati and Cleveland, Ohio; Denver, Colorado; Detroit, Michigan; Houston, Texas; Miami, Florida; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Minneapolis, Minnesota; New York City; North Carolina; Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; San Diego, California; and Seattle, Washington.
                  Quote from here.

                  St. Louis Metropolitan Park District: 65 percent of voters in five counties approved a $470 million sales tax increase to create the nation's first bi-state park and recreation district managed by Missouri and Illinois.
                  Quote taken from here.

                  It's the same old schmack ... until it's their house, they don't care.

                  Stay Safe


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                    Oh no, I don't want the firehouse in my neighborhood. I'd rather have to wait for a longer amount of time for a fire truck or an ambulance.
                    You're missing the point. They don't want it because they won't need it. Bad stuff doesn't happen to them, it happens to their neighbor. That's why they don't have to check their smoke detector, don't wear their seatbelts, and don't need sprinklers. If the unthinkable does somehow occur it will be someone else's fault.


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                      You probaly can put a bet on the guy that said he would wait longer for a emergency vechicle. Well when his house is fully involved and he is waiting do you think he will be happy with the location. These people are just plain dumb. They first are trying to stop the building, but if they had a call and had to wait they would probaly sue because of the response time. Go figure


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                        To the people that live in wealthy suburbs we are an afterthought, not to be seen or heard from unless they need us, which in the higher socio-economic bracket isn't often. We are lowly civil servants and god forbid we should share the neighborhood. But when the house is on fire or some is having the big one we are the greatest thing since the orgasm! Go Figure!!!
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                            Well now don't that beat all eh? I have heard some pretty uninformed people make some pretty poorly considered statements but I am fearful that this report may have just "taken the cake".

                            I am one of those who actually does live near (very near... like 4 houses down) from a fire station [it also happens to be 'my' station ] and I think its great. Not because I am a memeber, but because I know that it is that close, and that the crew all live within a 3 minute sprint to the nearest truck. From the sounds of it, this new station is a full time unit, which means 7/24 hour close coverage for the locals. Apparently they don't see that. Too bad for them, I wonder which one will be the first to dial "IX-II" on the nearest Roman/Greko call box at the first signs of trouble?????? Because it seems to me this is where their thinking comes from; sometime around 1000BC.

                            **BTW: nice pic Nozzleman LOL**
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                              Can they get any more stupid?


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