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  • Al-Qaida Wild Fire Plot

    FBI: al-Qaida Detainee Spoke of Fire Plot
    Fri Jul 11, 4:39 PM ET

    PHOENIX - The FBI alerted law enforcement agencies last month that an al-Qaida terrorist now in detention had talked of masterminding a plot to set a series of devastating forest fires around the western United States.

    Rose Davis, a spokeswoman for the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, Idaho, told The Associated Press that officials there took note of the warning but didn't see a need to act further on it.

    The contents of the June 25 memo from the FBI's Denver office were reported Friday by The Arizona Republic. Davis declined to share a copy of the memo and an FBI spokeswoman in Denver didn't immediately return a telephone call.

    The Republic reported that the detainee, who was not identified, said the plan involved three or four people setting wildfires using timed devices in Colorado, Montana, Utah and Wyoming that would detonate in forests and grasslands after the operatives had left the country.

    The memo noted that investigators couldn't determine whether the detainee was telling the truth.

    The newspaper said many forest law enforcement officers it contacted had no idea the warning had been issued.
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    Perhaps the terrorists failed to notice that massive wildfires in the middle of the woods happen all the time already without their help. I hardly think burning trees is an effective way to "terrorize" the United States.
    Even the burger-flippers at McDonald's probably have some McWackers.


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      Apparently with their Afghanie training schools destroyed, they have begun seeking high-level terrorist instruction from American teenage boys.

      Whats next for these high-tech terrorists, are they going to start putting saran wrap on public toilets so we pee on our shoes??
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        Oh, will the evil never end? What next? Are they going to pollute our oceans? Destroy the rain forests, too?
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          The article failed to mention that the terrorists were armed with fireworks, purchased from a fire department in the Northeast...

          Memo? We didn't get no stinkin' memo!
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            The article failed to mention that the terrorists were armed with fireworks, purchased from a fire department in the Northeast...
            Now that is funny!!!


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              Setting Fires, that is a new up-to-date technoligical breakthrough for these masterminds.


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                Why can't all these terrorists be this stupid?


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                  Ain't Happenin' Here..........

                  Don't plan on massive forest fires on the East coast. The terrorists do not have the funding or the logistical framework to provide the massive amounts of flammable liquid that would be needed to burn a single tree in this, the soggiest year I've ever seen in my 61 years on earth. Last year, we had about 75 fires in the first 6 months, many of them required quite a bit of work, several burned for a week or more (under control, within tractor lines). This year we have had 1 fire which destroyed a pile of leaves, 7 clumps of grass, and heavily damaged a vacant stump. We have jacked up the Brush rig and rented the wheels out as a fund raising idea. Stay Safe....
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                    If they got enough acreage burning would it not have the fire depts. resources allocated to another area? Then, if the terrorist decided to strike in populated areas, much less fire resources are available for response. That would likely equate into greater loss of life and property. Is it likely? Probably not, they sound kinda stupid. But, if the right people were behind it, it could work.


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                      Originally posted by Quigger
                      Why can't all these terrorists be this stupid?
                      Ya know, I used to think the same thing. But now I don't think it's stupidity. I think it's just a matter of them not getting it.

                      Most of them (al Qaeda) don't live in a very big world. They live in this tiny box where things are 50 years behind us. So when these plans are hatched, they are based on the world as they know it. Which is far different from the way the US actually is.

                      For example, the first WTC bombing. The plan was to bring down the towers with a large truck bomb. If the truck had been parked in exactly the right place, it might have happened. But, it didn't. They got away and caused mass hysteria, lots of injuries and a few deaths.

                      Then they go tra-la-la back into the rental car office to get their deposit back. Did they think the cops were capable of tracking them down? No, because they wouldn't back home. But they walked right into the cops' arms.

                      Also, look at the Brooklyn Bridge scenario from last month. Their plan was to cut the cables and drop the bridge. OK, sounds good. It would work. But did they stop think that they would have to cut about 1000 cables, including the main cables which were 4" thick? Only when they were surveilling the place did they realize that their plan wouldn't work.

                      It's the same with the wildland fires. They obviously don't uderstand the resources at our disposal to combat these fires. They also don't realize just axactly how big this country is and how many fires there would have to be.

                      There are much better ways to bring this country to it's knees. I'm glad they haven't figured them out yet.


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                        Everything old is new again

                        This isn't a new plan. In World War II, the Japanese made the exact same attempt on many occasions using both manned aircraft launched from submarines and unmanned balloons launched from Japan . One of the balloon bombs actually killed a family in Oregon.

                        It didn't work for the Japanese and it wouldn't be a knockout blow today but I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss it as an ineffective tactic. Remember, these guys are very patient and plan very long-term operations. Just a few people could easily start dozens of fires a day. If only one or two grew into Los Alamos or Rodeo/Show Low size, then you would see a significant regional economic impact that would eventually go national if the operation was sustained over an extended period of time. They would also have an excellent chance of evading detection for a long time and evading capture for even longer. Jedi also makes a good point about the impact on Firefighting assests if someone engineered wildfire outbreaks all across the country. Our assets are regularly stretched thin by natural outbreaks. Engineered outbreaks would mean more military call-ups and long term volunteer depolyments which would have a ripple effect throughout the economy. The only thing missing is the terror aspect.


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