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  • Class A Engine Requirements

    Needing some help here. We're trying to spec out a new Commercial chassis Engine and are a little confused about the requirements for Class A status. Anyone that has a list of equipment would post it here would be of great help. Thanks.

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    This is what happens when you let the medics spec the truck!

    NFPA 1901 standerd requirements for ladders are:
    1 24' extenion ladder
    1 14' roof ladder
    1 10' pencil laddder

    And any manufactuer worth a grain of salt should have that listed since it is there business and all.
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      I haven't got a copy....but you'll want to take a look at NFPA 1901: Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus.

      The standard defines the amount of hose, ground ladders, tools and equipment to be carried on each specific type of apparatus- including pumpers, mobile water supply apparatus and aerial fire apparatus.

      If you're putting together specs for an engine...you might want to order a copy from the NFPA online catalog.NFPA 1901

      Good luck!
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        Don't forget ISO

        In addition to 1901, you also might want to get a copy of ISO's required equipment for an Engine. They look for some items that might not be part of 1901.


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          yeah a cutting torch is included on ISO's list.
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            Originally posted by RyanEMVFD
            yeah a cutting torch is included on ISO's list.
            A torch is on the list for ladder equipment, not for engine equipment.


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              Found one...........

              Go to www.msfa.org which is the site for the Maryland State Firemens Association. On the home page, click on Constitution and Bylaws. Scroll down and you will find what is required as a MINIMUM on apparatus in Maryland. All types of apparatus are mentioned here and the list of equipment is pretty comprehensive. Hope this helps. Stay Safe....
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                The ISO requirements are in some cases stricter than NFPA.

                As far as equipment to meet ISO, make sure you get the suitable substitutes list also. I believe either a hydraulic cutter or a reciprocating saw will replace the torch. Unfortunately I don't have the list right in front of me.

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                  A hydraulic cutter or recip saw can replace the torch. As will a combination tool (hydraulic or electric), air chisel, plasma cutter or extra circular saw. .


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