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    Any one have any input on the Vertex Standard VX-800/900 series handhelds? Also, any insight into why Motorola is discontinuing the HT 1000 handhelds? They're practically bulletproof and compared to the HT 750 series, a great deal more reliable.

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    The HT1000 is one of the best radios that Motorola has ever had. We went to the HT1250. I like them, they seem to work very well. My part time job I sell Motorola batteries and parts. HT1000 batteries are one of our biggest sellers.
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      See, the problem is that you are thinking logically. You have GOT to stop doing that. You can probably smash an HT750/1250/1550 into pieces with an HT1000. The Big /\/\ just is not what they used to be 5 or 10 years ago.
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        like the minitor II. Should have just left it.
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          Originally posted by nmfire
          See, the problem is that you are thinking logically. You have GOT to stop doing that.

          If something works well, even under extreme conditions...and doesn't break down.......you can't make any money selling replacement parts or selling new radios.

          Therefore....discontinue it.

          Corporate Logic...is that what they call it?
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            I am going to go out on a "techincal limb" here based soley on what I have read, meetings I have attended and what I have heard on the grapevine. What follows is strictly from a local point of view, however:

            Canada in general, and specifically western Canada has come into the problem of too many radio frequency licences issued for the amount of available bandwidth. The solution that has been approved By Industry Canada is to divide the bandwidth and create "narrow banding" for radio freqs. My information to date supports(???) the basic non-compatibility of the HT1000 to be reprogrammed to the new freq requirements, therefore they are becoming obsolete.

            I have attended two meetings, and actually talked with people from Motorola Head Office (they weren't much help at the time), Industry Canada and several dealers/contractors. They all support the fact that while the 1000's are really awesome pieces of kit, they are fast becoming out of date. What a pity, I have been using them now for a great number of years, both in the Fire Service, as well as with the Armed Forces. As a contrast, I have also used the Motorola Sabres... nice radio, but NOT A HT1000!!!!!
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              Ya know, I don't remember if the HT1000 was capable of Narrow Band or not (FCC in the US is doing the same thing). If it is not capable, that explains why they are discontinuing it. Personally, I would rather have seen them upgrade the electronics and keep the HT1000 series.
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                It's The Money......

                Or should I say the GREED. If something is reliable, stays on the job, takes a beating, and keeps on ticking (remember the Allison HT70 automatic transmission?) the manufacturer worries about lost revenue from repairs, parts, replacements, Etc. and discontinues that product in favor of a less reliable line that will return a greater profit from things other than new sales. It's all about concern for the stockholders and investors, and their almighty bottom line, not Firefighter safety. Stay Safe....
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                  Motorola does this all the time. They come out with something new then discontinue the old model. We use the 2000 and they are good radios also.
                  Did you know that in the early days of two way radios Motorola gave away thousands of radios to get us hooked. Once we all had Motorola we never looked anywhere else. BTW they do make a good product, so my advise is never get too attached to any one product because it will change as soon as you standardize everything.


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                    VX 900

                    We've started issueing the Vertex 900 to our Chief officers.I've had mine over a year now and it has done a great job.512 channel capable,page capable(with pod),10 banks so you can organize your channels,good battery life,fast recharge rate(under 2 hrs)and reasonably priced.Reasonably user friendly,tricks that can be programmed in make it a versatile workhorse.T.C.


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