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  • Historical help needed

    My big time consumer outside of being a volunteer firefighter is WWII reenacting. I usually do a WWII combat engineer impression, although I have been know to do British para and Russian as well.

    I have started researching WWII military firefighters, and would like to ask you guys for help. If anyone has any resources they can point me to to research the uniforms, both duty and turnout, and equipment that both military and contract civilian firefighters wore I would greatly appreciate it. I am especially interested in those stationed at US Army airfields both in the US and abroad, with particular interest in Reading Army Airfield in Reading PA, Ft Bragg, Ft Jackson, and anywhere in Europe or the Pacific. Old photos, news stories, vets I can talk to, anything. If anyone knows where any old gear is I would love to either purchase it or just get a chance to inspect it.

    I plan to start doing a WWII firefighter impression at some of the living history events that I attend. I want to help pay tribute to and keep the memory of those who served as firefighters for thier country alive, as well as educate the public about this little seen and remembered aspect of WWII history.

    Eventually as finances permit I would like to purchase and restore a WWII fire engine to accompany this exhibit. I have several restored WWII jeeps so that is not as far fetched as it may sound to some. if anyone knows of any stations preparing to remove one from service (yes there are many still being used) please let me know!

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    Military photos

    There are a 3 web sites that I know of that have quantities of military apparatus pictures.

    They are:

    The Youngstown Fire Message Board
    Military Fire Apparatus
    There are additional military rigs shown in the apparatus by manufacturer topics on the board.

    The Watch Desk
    Federal & Port Authority Fire Departments
    In the Fort Meade topic there are lots of older apparatus photos under the heading "All American Military Fire Apparatus"

    DOD Fire Web Site

    Have fun!

    Cincinnati F.D. History Site
    Society for the Preservation & Appreciation of Antique Fire Apparatus in America
    Youngstown Fire Forums - 40,000+ photos of Apparatus, Fire Scenes, etc.


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