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    Prince George's County
    1. Square Miles-488 sq. miles land and 12 sq. miles water

    2. Population-749,000

    3. Average population per square mile-1,498

    4. Average square mile coverage per station-10.64 sq miles

    1st 2 points was the Official Prince George County Website

    2nd 2 points was my calculator

    Kevin M. Fitzhenry, [email protected]
    Firefighter, Truck Co. 2
    City of Bayonne (NJ) FD

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      Fitz that is very accurate information from two very good sources I would like to know about the career ff's that vollie in PG County isn't that against the By-laws of the International.


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        Wouldn't you think that the reserve trucks might belong on the south side of the county since alot of the trucks down there are out of service. There are a ton of trucks on the north side. With Tk 24 oos, and tw 21 out alot, where is the first due truck coming from to Co 47's area, 25 and second due 17 maybe.

        Just a thought


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            Vin, whats your ID number, how long have you been in?

            Second, stats...everyone boasts Kentland's stats, where are the Mini-Pumper stats?

            Kentland tries to say they are the busiest Engine in the nation. The busiest Engine in the nation is DCFD Engine 10. This cannot be compared. Kentland can run 3 engine calls while another engine is on another call. DCFD is ONE ENGINE. It is apples and oranges?

            Also, maybe Kentland can't have a reserve truck for the same reason the county will not let them have a Rescue Squad? Thats right folks...the "Rescue-Engine" you hear so much about is only AN ENGINE. They are not allowed to run a Rescue Squad.

            Maybe if they took an ambulance, the county would have a different attitude towards them. Also note that Co 28, West Lanham Hills, never had a reserve truck when their truck was out, and they do not have an ambulance either.

            Just some thoughts!

            Just some more thoughts.

            Learn the facts before you run your mouth.


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                Since you are still wet behind the ears, having less than a year at the Utopia of Fire, Kentland 33/46....listen here.

                For the FACTS, Truck 28 was out of service from 1-16-2001 - 1-22-2001 and did not have a reserve, call them at 301-883-7728, and ask them yourselves.

                Second, I did not know that PG County recognizes "Rescue Engines." Oh, thats right, they don't. It is something you all at Kentland (33/46) and Riverdale Heights (13) try to do to show everyone that you want to be a squad company, but can't. Rescue Engine is just a term you use, and nobody else uses, or cares about. It may have tools on it, and I am not counting the ones on the Fire Trucks, or the ones taking pictures; however, the FACTS remain the same, IT IS ONLY AN ENGINE.

                As for the mini-pumper. My question that you are avoiding is WHERE ARE THE MINI-PUMPER STATS? I am not disagreeing with the usage of it, just curious as to why you include MINI-PUMPER CALLS in with the ENGINE CALLS. Why not count the Ambulance at 46 in that total too, it runs on fire calls also, doesn't it?

                Finally, why didn't you give your ID number? Do you have one? How many people at Kentland (33/46) actually have valid PG numbers? Why did E461 go out with 5, return for the ambulance and come up Driver only? Don't know? I'll tell 'ya. There were 4 people from Virginia who did not have PG numbers, but were riding anyways, and did not have EMT either.

                Yet another thought
                and I am from the First Battalion!

                Learn the facts before you run your mouth.


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                  Alright vinny, you know I love all you guys but you're sticking it pretty close to my heart, my pride & joy, my squad.

                  Name one damn thing on that engine that we don't have a couple of on our squad?

                  I know I could list a few things that aren't on E333...

                  & just a reminder...the wood goes under the car before the tools touch it (and the engine company controls hazards, too)



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                    C'mon Guys,

                    It seems to me that the companies in PG county have EARNED their reputation and that is something to be proud of. No two companies face the same set of circumstances when trying to protect their district. Funding, Personnel, Response Times, Social Issues, and Yes, Even Politics affect the ability to provide protection. Career/Volunteer issues occur everywhere. EMS System abuse occurs everywhere.

                    What I object to is the attitude that because Someone fights fire in PG county, They are automatically given the status of "FIRE GOD". I will not dispute that there are a great number of excellent firefighters in that area. I will admit to being a little jealous of the amount of activity that they see. But I think it is a disservice to the rest of the firefighters in the world, many of whom are doing the very best that they can with little or no support. PG has a system that they should be proud of. A lot of factors play into this. It is NOT simply a matter of motivation. Motivated Firefighters are EVERYWHERE.

                    This was not a knock against PG County Firefighters, Career or Volunteer.

                    Just My Opinion,



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                      This was the question that started the topic:

                      "I wanna hear what everyone out there thinks of prince georges county. Those of you from the county and what others have heard and think about us."

                      Why is it when PGFD is talked about it always steers towards Kentland 33? Here is the bottom line Station 33 has a bunch of very good firefighters, officers and chiefs that do the job very well. There is no doubt that they are proud of their dept. and the equipment they ride on. If you have never been there and seen the operation then don't judge them. If you have been there and you don't like them that’s fine as well. The Dept. will still go on business as usual.

                      I will admit PGFD is not perfect, but neither is Montgomery County, Howard County, Anne Arundel County, Fairfax County, Arlington County, DCFD, Baltimore City, Baltimore County.

                      In closing I say, "stick with the facts, not what you think are the facts"

                      David Polikoff www.workingfire.net


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                        I have to say that this is the first time I have felt the need to chime in on one of these forums, but, GIVE ME A BREAK!

                        As previous posts have stated, this topic wasn't about one department, so stop thinking their isn't another 45 (i think) volunteer companies in the county. It just shows the ignorance of those involved in what is a heated topic, and will continue to be.

                        You don't hear the Fire Chief of the PGFD in here pitting one member of a company against another because you all are already doing it. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure if this wasn't the case, he would be the first person in here though.

                        The fire department is filled with pride and that's something not unique to the 33/46s, 29s, 10s, 14s, 1s or 12s of the county, or any department in the nation for that matter. Each does something better than someone else. Maybe 33 is the top dog for fighting fire in the county, and most won't argue about that, but that doesn't mean they do everything best. 14 is very well respected for cutting cars - you can hear the different pride in jobs by Cousinvinny's postings and those of Sbrooks. This will be inherent in what those companies do the most.

                        This issue here is that PG county is different than any other county in the fact that we are volunteers in a busy metropolitan county. We are a dying breed though. I have to say maybe bostonff ideas aren't the best for the volunteers and careers getting along but something is needed.

                        Our complacent, old retired Fire Commission and Volunteer Association should get with the program. They are supposed to be our backers and they don't do SH*T. Each company preys on the others - why? Pride isn't about self demise is it? Pride should be in both your company and the county that your get the opportunity to volunteer in.

                        If you don't channel that pride in to saving yourself than who is at this point, surely not those in wheelchairs rolling around the county kissing Ron's a*s. United we stand, divided we fall... Think about it for a minute. How many companies have been put out of business due to the stupidity of their own members with significant "help" from the County Fire Department in the last couple years - 6, 7, 8 - the county used to be strong because of a number of things...None of them having to do with bashing other companies on a firehouse forum. If 6, 7 and 8 have fallen - whose next? 9, 10 .... They will get to your number soon enough.


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                          I'm looking to locate a PG County firefighter.
                          Rich Anderson from I believe 14's. Rich was a past member of Station 30 here in Bucks County Pa.
                          I just looking to locate an old friend. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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                            Good Job Everyone!!!!

                            The last post about Kentland (I know, this one was about PG in general, but it turned into a 33 topic) had 70 hits, this one has passed that mark, making nearly 150 replys about Kentland!!!

                            They do over 6,000 runs a year, have about 20 live-in members, get 20,000 hits a month on their web-site, triple pull on a majority of runs. And now they have conquered the Firehouse.com Forum!!!! What is next??? The possibilities are endless!!!!

                            Hooray for The Kentland Volunteers!!!!



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                              Hey Sonny...
                              How can you triple pull on calls?
                              You all wrecked your Tower, and are only allowed to run 2 Engines on a call, not 3?

                              Facts once again are an important part.

                              As for 20,000 hits? How many of them are from your own Department or from the Firehouse computer?

                              Learn the facts before you run your mouth.


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