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    I wanna hear what everyone out there thinks of prince georges county. Those of you from the county and what others have heard and think about us.

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    ok....here goes...you asked....

    Seems to me that the majority (NOT ALL) of the firefighters I have met from PG County (career OR volunteer) think that they walk on water and that their sh*t doesnt stink- that they have a "Holier-than-thou" attitude. I have met many PG County guys at classes, seminars...conventions, etc. Not all of them are like this. In my opinion PGFD in general is a top notch organization and deserves credit where credit is due.

    "Loyalty above all else, except honor."


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      Haven't met any PG guys before but your description was certainly what I thought when I read that guys question.

      Mike DeVuono

      "There are few atheists inside a burning building."

      These are my opinions and not those of my department.


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        Prince George's County Maryland ranks among The finest fire suppression agencies in the world.

        Where else can a Volunteer start off a fire service career with finer, more dedicated people? The work load is parallel to the largest paid departments and surpasses most cities. The esprit de corps is excellent. And interior attack firefighting is still reality.

        The action is fast paced, and people from all over the world have come to ride-along to see the Dept.

        Sports have high school and college ball to prepare their next generation of players, while the fire service has P.G. County. You will find the best of paidmen all over the U.S.A. who were once Vollys in P.G.

        Do they think they can walk on water? Damn right they do, but when your a volly and can go to 60,,70,or a 100 real fires a year, and you had the pipe in your hand last night and knocked down a couple of rooms of fire, its hard to keep a straight face when some loud mouth wants to tell you about both house fires his dept. had Last Year.

        Count me as a P.G. believer, I lived at West Lanham Co. 28 for 2 years and attended several hundred good fires. I went to work for Richmond, Va. 19 years ago and still rely on what the old fire dogs of P.G. taught me to survive.

        To this day I can spot an P.G. Fireman a block away. They have that spring in their step. They are sure of themselves, and never loaf on the fire ground, They will wrestle you for the pipe and take it from you if you hesitate, but they will walk thru the fires of Hell with gasoline soaked underwear to get you if your in trouble.

        So my hat is off to all the brothers of P.G. MD. Keep up the great work. Its nice to know some things still are as they should be.

        And the thing you call cockiness is just simple confidence.

        [This message has been edited by Jake295885 (edited 02-03-2001).]


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          Very well said, even though I run here I don't think what you just said could be put any better than that. People can say what they want but for still being volunteers in a county like this, this is a hell of a place to be and it's great.


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            First, rfd241, I'm an Ohio State graduate.. The current president of OSU is Brit Kirwan, formerly the president at UM-College Park. Please, PLEASE, take him back!!!!! With that said...

            Brit Kirwan is about the only negative thing I can say about PG, PGFD, and the metro area. I have listened to some of the audio archives on Laurel's website, and am continually amazed by how you guys do it. Until I started doing research, I had no idea that VOLUNTEERS protect things such as the US Air Arena...That boggles my mind... For PGFD to handle as much as it does, and handle it like it does speaks volumes about the personnel who comprise it.

            I've read about some of the quarrels between volunteer and paid personnel, and of the infamous Kentland-Bladensburg incident awhile ago. But when it comes down to it, it shouldn't matter whose number is on the side of the truck. We're all in this to help people, and each other, and that's what should matter. The volunteers at PGFD handle more in one year than many paid departments will do in 5 years. To do that much, with little to no compensation, takes a special breed of person. Commitment, drive, hunger... These are words I would use to describe a PGFD fireman.

            Though I've never met a PGFD firefighter or ridden at the station, I have a seep sense of respect for the personnel of PGFD. They truly exemplify what it is to serve public safety....

            Be safe...


            • #7
              I would have to rate the PGFD a 99 out of 100~ {Hey...Nobody is perfect } About 2 years ago I had the Chance to Spend a day with PGFD Company 33 { Kentland } and saw the operation First hand, Actually responding with them aboard Engine 332 and a brief few hours on Tower 33 ~ I've read the articles and follow PGFD Operations when I'm in the area ~ They are good no question about it...But like I said Nobody is Perfect we all have Flaws


              • #8
                Before anyone goes knocking 33, where in God's name is Stratford, N.J.??? I guess riding for a couple of days at 33 does make you competent to comment on any flaws that they may have. ust out of curiosity, what exactly were (are) some of the alleged flaws?Do slide rules get issued as standard equipment at Station 12 along with the standard PGFD hoods, gloves, running pants and bunker coats?


                • #9
                  knobhog...PG member past or present? Slide rules at 12...4th or 6th Battalion perhaps? Anyways, I don't think that Brian Dunlap was knocking PGFD or any station with his post. He gave PGFD a rating of 99 out of 100. To answer your question, Stratford, NJ is about 10 miles from Philadelphia in Camden County.


                  • #10
                    Knobhog, you kinda take things out of perspective don't you? A rating of 99 out of 100 is DAMN good! Where do you find that insulting? I would like it if someone from outside my department rated it NEARLY PERFECT! Before you ask, Smithfield is 90 miles north of Salt Lake City.

                    If in doubt - Call us out


                    • #11
                      Valley stream NY in the eastern or western part of the state?


                      • #12
                        I must say from what I have seen from the Department they are top notch. I haven't actually been out on the street yet but from what I hear they "GET THE JOB DONE." I know one thing they instructors they have at the academy are the best around. Just my opinion


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                          Along with Brian Dunlap I have driven my 2 1/2 hours from New Jersey to ride with 33 in PG County, but I go for the entire weekend from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. Worth every minute of the drive. I got to use the skills that we were taught in the fire academy down there. And they will test your skills and aggressiveness. They are an excellent group of gentlemen threw out PG County. I have seen my share of houses around the nation from Metro to as rural as it get like the area I come from. The firefighters that I've met in PG County have all the room in the world to be confident of themselves and to voice it! The do the deed and do it well, career or volunteer. Again, excellent group of people. I'm glad to have met the guys that I have.

                          David DeCant
                          New Jersey, USA
                          Career or volunteer we are all brothers. Just feel good for the good you do for others.


                          • #14
                            Some posts here have defended PGFD firefighters' attitudes- that they have the right to think that their sh*t doesnt stink, and that they can walk on water.....Thay they had the knob twice last night and not twice last year, etc etc etc....Well I present this: I am of the opinion that having that kind of an attitude is a pretty sh*tty deal.....And to counter this- I have ridden with some of the busiest companies in New York City, and you know what? Never, not once, did I feel like those guys thought that they were gods or their sh*t didnt stink.....I still say PGFD is a fine department, but the attitudes of their members are still bullsh*t and leave a lot to be desired.

                            "Loyalty above all else, except honor."


                            • #15

                              You are way out of line brother. Your last post on this thread speaks volumes about your character, and its not good. I tried to give you some insight into what its like to be a P.G. County fireman. What you perceive as an attitude, is really pride.

                              I too have been up to NY to ride on many occasions over the past 20 years, and have enjoyed each trip, in fact I count a Lt. at Rescue 2 as a good family friend.

                              Reading the posts in this forum, its obvious that many young Firefighters have a thirst for knowledge. There are also some mis-guided souls here too. I have read where you are trying to get on with Philly FD. Let me try once more to give you some advice. If you take that attitude into a real Paid fire Dept. You are going to have some long hard days. The lessons will be meeted out without compassion for your FEELINGS.

                              I invite you to come down to P.G. county and ride sometime, I personally guarantee the experience will enlighten you.

                              In closing I wish you the best of luck becoming a Philly fireman, but you better grow some balls soon. If you still don't get it, feel free to e-mail me @ [email protected]


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