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3 die in structure fire!

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  • 3 die in structure fire!

    Okay! Now that I have your attention.
    I want to say something about the subjects we here at Firehouse.com play into,,,or decide to read. You may have just blown me off and left,,,but if you haven't.
    Why is it when we see a Fire or something tragiic or some stupid joke, we jump right on it? But, we see something where one of ours is in need, we just pass it by. That makes me sick! Do we have to DIE for our Brothers & Sisters to come out of everywhere for us?
    One of our Brothers needs our help!
    His baby was born with a congenital heart defect, and needs surgery, why is this not something we jump on? What if it was our child, would we want to see our Brothers & Sisters turning their backs on US? NO, of course not!
    In the General Comments forum there's a topic called "A Brother in need is a Brother in deed" this has been there for awhile now, and there's one reply, what the hell folks!
    This reenforces the reason I left these forums and seldom return.
    I thought we cared for each other!
    GOD Bless you and Keep you Safe!

  • #2
    I admit I was somewhat put off by your tactic, however I will also be the first one to reply and admit that I did exactly what you accused us of. Touche. I will look into this brother's situation and send off a gift if I can.

    I'd like to issue a challenge to the brothers and sisters to do the same, but I also recognize that overemphasis on these things can breed scams. I do not wish to even hint that I think this is the case this time, but it is the reality of the internet society.

    OK, who else will help?

    Here's the full story: http://www.firefightersforums.com/ar...erinneed.shtml

    Here's the weekly updates: http://www.firefightersforums.com/ub...ML/000016.html


    • #3
      There is another fourm baord at a diffirent site under the same topic only 7, PLus I had a post talking about how fd's could improve themseleves it got ignored, Everyone would rather E-1 bash then assist a brother in need, Let us help our brother he need us and let us show people why the fire service is so unqiue let's stop E-1 bashing for a minute and see how we can help our brother

      Engine 101


      • #4
        I can say that this is not a scam (I realize that this could be a issue).
        I am the webmaster at FFF and I have verified the information on this, I would not put anything out on my site without verifying it first.

        If you have doubts call the bank and ask (I would do such a thing rather than not make a donation to a person in need).

        Stay Safe Watch Listen and Learn
        Firefighters Forums

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        • #5
          Well JMP17 I posted it in two forum topics here at FireHouse.com

          This FF is here in my home town area not on my FD but still he is a Brother. I have said if you need me or any info, email me and I will get you any thing you need so you can check it out for yourself. I never got a email from anyone except one member of the webteam after I emailed them and that was that.

          God bless us all,
          on every call.

          My internet Home.


          • #6
            Are we family or what? Lets help the brother.


            • #7
              Well, here it is again. You may not agree with the tactics, but it seems here at FH it takes a certain post to get your attention.
              Are we Family,,,,I'm begining to wonder!
              Are you realy Firefighters out there ,,,or just 'puter jockies?
              For those who are Be Safe my Brother & Sisters!


              • #8
                Jim --

                I first want to start out with the statement that I am familiar with the situation you are describing and I am sending my donation as soon as I can print out an address to send it to. I didn't think I needed to post a reply to state -- "My check's in the mail!" There are some things I read and don't necessarily reply to rather I take the action necessary and go with it.

                Now the other subject you come close to is a subject that ****es me off. You mention posting to jokes, etc and the overwhelming response they get however some serious things get passed by like they were never their. I posted a topic on the 95 of our brothers and sisters that lost their lives in 2000. I think I got 5 replies yet I can read "What color fire truck" and "Juniors leaving school" and see 30 or so replies. I will definitely have to agree with you that their are some priorities out of whack here. I have taken in the fact that we do need to lighten up our stress level sometimes, but there are some very serious issues in our world that we seem to back away from.

                It's amazing how we preach to the public not to take the "It will never happen to me attitude" and we are in a profession where we never say "let somebody else take care of it." Yet we seem to not heed our own words.

                When our alarms sound we take care of people, property, pets, etc and want everybody to know how wonderful we are. When it comes to contract negotiations we preach brotherhood in our houses and our unions so that we get the dollar figure or shift schedule we want. This is exactly the reason subjects like this **** me off. We can portray this brotherhood, etc when it means getting us money or equipment or days off but when a supposed 'brother' needs us, we slide under the rug and out of sight.

                Sorry for the soap box lecture, but if you still reading this post then you probably understand what I'm saying.


                • #9
                  Very well put FFtrainer,
                  The only thing with your first statement is, we don't need to know if your checks in the mail or not, but, letting your opinion be known not only brings out the importance of the issue, but keeps the topic in the forefront rather than falling three pages back. I thank you Brother for taking the time to reply!
                  GOD Bless and keep you Safe!


                  • #10
                    If all you're looking for is keeping this post up top of the list, I'll keep going back and postin a "move up" post with a single character in it.

                    The scarey part of this whole thing is that if you take a look at what you said about us only caring about FF deaths, and the opposite end of the spectrum - jokes, then why are there only 8 replies to this and they are almost all you and me??? I guess the subject of "3 die in structure fire" doesn't even get people attention anymore....


                    • #11

                      Have you ever heard of the boy who cried wolf? That is what this topic and the other false topic you posted are.

                      People are going to click on the topic, read the first line and leave. Just because people don't answer a serious topic, doesn't mean they don't care or are not helping out.

                      Kevin M. Fitzhenry, [email protected]
                      Firefighter, Truck Co. 2
                      City of Bayonne (NJ) FD


                      • #12
                        Well Kevin, let me start by saying, I will not be brought into a confrontation on posting. I have never posted anything false on any forum. The Topic may have been false but I assure you the subject is not!!
                        You say that no replies doesn't mean no one cares or is helping,, well that sure is the way it seems.
                        This hole attitude is the main reason I stopped posting here.
                        The ONLY reason I'm am here is to help a Brother!
                        The reply you just posted is just what you'd want to see if your Daughter was in the condition of this litte girl.
                        You want a confrontation, go to one of the post where someone doesn't like Leathers!
                        If that doesn't do it for ya, I don't hide behind anything(ooooooooooops! Almost said Bro!) My email is there ,,USE IT!
                        Be Safe All!


                        • #13
                          This is not intended to offend anyone nor is it to make justifications for mine and others actions. I am only speaking for myself.

                          I have seen my share of death and dismemberment of brothers and sisters (personal and professional), young and old, friends and strangers. Every time somebody loses his/her life it is very tragic. I don't read nor do I reply to all those posts that I read. For some people, those deaths remind us that we are human, and are not immune to this. I agree, I may not be the most sympathetic person in the world, but it is hard for me to respond or talk to someone every time I see death or a broken family because of death or disease. So don't hate me or others like me. We deal with tragedy differently whether it is friend or stranger.

                          God Bless and Stay Safe


                          • #14
                            The original post for this topic is posted in the "Firehouse.com Site Comments". This is a place for someone to post comments about Firehouse.com and I personally wouldn't expect to see a post like that there. Which brings up another problem, to get the best response to your post you should post it in the appropriate forum. For Example a post about raise money to fund you latest FD project wouldn't go in the University of Extrication forum and expect to get a good reply. The best place for a topic like that would be the Fundraising forum. Maybe I'm out of line on this one.

                            As for the little baby my thoughts and prayers are with the child and the family.

                            Lt. James Woda

                            [This message has been edited by fayette dist #1 (edited 01-16-2001).]


                            • #15
                              Thank You for your thoughts and prayers for Baby Lacy.

                              fayette dist #1 said; "The original post for this topic is posted in the "Firehouse.com Site Comments". This is a place for someone to post comments about Firehouse.com and I personally wouldn't expect to see a post like that there."

                              Well let me say this and everyone can check the facts out for themselves.

                              This was the first one I posted to the forums, for fundraising. http://www.firehouse.com/forums/Foru...ML/000028.html posted 12-17-2000 10:09 PM and then I posted this one, http://www.firehouse.com/forums/Foru...ML/000126.html posted 12-17-2000 10:19 PM. Which I started this post out with this; To whom it may concern at Firehouse.com Could you please help out with the Need of a Fellow Firefighter? His baby needs a operation. If you can help please contact me.

                              Then a later statement made by fayette dist #1 says this; The best place for a topic like that would be the Fundraising forum. Maybe I'm out of line on this one.

                              Well just goes to show that sometimes we don't know all the facts and feelings why members post what they do. I asked for help from Firehouse.com in that forum and posted about the fund raising in that forum for the members. I posted the info in the website comments so that the webteam or who ever, would know what I was talking about.

                              Thank You for your thoughts and prayers for Baby Lacy.

                              God bless us all,
                              on every call.

                              My internet Home.


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                              Upper 300x250