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pro's and con's of protective goggles

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  • pro's and con's of protective goggles

    Hey there Brothers, I could use some feedback here. I am seriously contemplating making the switch from a facesheild to goggles on my 1010 (please don't start about getting a leather, I would get one but the 1010's are city issued/repaired/replaced). What I need is any advice about if they are any good, what brands to look at and how to mount them (full strap or clip ons). Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks Bro's.

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    Good Idea........

    I have always used goggles, and I have no use for flip down shields (of any type). Many have told me that bourkes were the thing to have, others went on and on about the full face shield, and how superior the protection was. BS. I have the Goggles that are made by Cairins (SP?) for their own helmets. Try them first. Stay Safe....
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      You can use ESS goggles on your helmet, BTW when we first were looking at them our chief contacted Cairns and the sales rep. said to get the ESS over their brand for fit and comfort.
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        I would suggest that you not keep them on your helmet, but rather in a pants pocket on your turnouts or else you'll burn them up when you get a good worker, and then they won't be of any use to you at all.
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          I used to use goggles instead of a face shield. I did prefer them to face shields during extrications; on more than one occasion, I've had bits of debris bounce up under my face shield and hit me on the cheek. However, I found that they tended to get quite sooty during a fire, and when using them as eye protection during overhaul, I couldn't see a thing through them.

          On one occasion, I managed to get them a bit too hot (the result of inexperience on my part- I was fairly new at the time), and they managed to get an "alligator-skin" pattern on them, rendering them useless.

          I have seen some type of nomex goggle cover that fits on the helmet, perhaps this is a good idea.

          Not sure on what model is the best, but I'd recommend having some way of covering them when they're not in use.


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            Beware- some graphic photos in the link below!

            Click here for a few good reasons to wear goggles...

            I'm no longer in the emergency services as I'm now employed in a health and safety role in the pharaceutical industry, but the general rule is shields are worn to protect against radiant heat or splash injuries from chemicals.

            If you're in any other type of response situation such as extrication, etc., then I'd strongly encourage you to wear goggles or safety glasses under your visors....

            Remember our uniforms do not make us invincible to injury and the PPE we wear is only as good as it was designed to do.
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              OMG..that gave me the chills just looking at those pictures, I could only manage how those poor people felt. Oh man I couldnt look at all those photo's I cringe everytime I see them....ouch!! I look at that and think..HA..and I think a piece of fuzz stuck to my contact hurts..
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                If you plan to use the goggles that come with the Cairns 1010, they probably won't fit well if you leave them attached to the helmet via the clip at the rear. Problem is (at least what I'm told) that having the goggles on the helmet is what keeps it NFPA compliant in the absence of a face shield.

                I prefer to wear wrap around safety glasses for extrication and overhaul. The goggles are good for brush fires. I love it when the guys laughing at how I look are rubbing their eyes because of the smoke.
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                  I would go with goggles because they themselves comply with the 2000 edition of NFPA #1971. The face shield its self will only comply to #1971 when supplemental eye protection is worn.

                  Good Luck

                  Dont complain about the 1010---Im stuck with a 770!


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                    I agree with Duff about using safety glasses. They don't fog, fit in your pocket, and when they get crappy....throw em out and take
                    another pair off the ambulance.

                    My goggles always end up fogged up, and yes when you wear them on the helmet the heat has a funny way of distroting the lenses.

                    How about NFPA compliant contact lenses?



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                      I use to have the Cairns goggles on my 1010, they are junk. I now have Bourkes and i have a pair of safety glasses in my pocket. i also have a pair of ESS extricators for auto crashes that just clip onto my helmet.

                      I was told and believe I have read somewhere that leaving your gogles on your helmet in fire conditions then wearing them you may give yourself skin cancer where you goggles touch your face due to the crap in smoke. So I keep my goggles in a nomex pouch in my coat pocket.
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                        O.K. Here are a collection of thoughts / information on Goggles.

                        I have the clunky Cairns goggles that I purchased w/ my 1010 - In a word Hate 'em. They don't fit snugly, they fog very easily, they are a pain to store. I also tried the safety glasses route. Liked that O.K. but always seem to have problems storing them (and breaking them - guess I'm just too rough).

                        I have been wanting to try the ESS goggles (which btw are now available on a new 1010)

                        If you are shelling out your own $$ for these, then check out the ESS 1/2 price demo program. http://www.essgoggles.com/dealers/demoprogram.html

                        Also - if your truly anal about maintaining a "NFPA Compliant" helmet, you should contact Cairns about adding these to your helmet (trust we I already went through this with NFPA). Even though you are adding an NFPA compliant Item to your NFPA compliant Helmet (an item which I might add the helmet is available with direct from the Mfg. now) - it still has to be tested as a unit to pass NFPA. I have no idea how they would know or document that your 1010 & ESS goggles were or were not purchased together (unless the check the Mfg date of your lid and it's pre ESS availability).

                        O.K. - now you may consider yourself an informed consumer, go forth and shop !!
                        Take Care - Stay Safe - God Bless


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                          Go with ESS goggles. Call the manufacturer and ask about the fog resistant goggles. They are piloting a new insert for them that is fogproof. We have used them between 100 degrees and 90%+ humidity to 9 degrees they have not fogged on us. They are easy to adjust with gloves on. I store my on the rear of my helment and purchased a goggle cover through a army/navy surplus web site for the military goggles (half the price of the same thing they suggest for fire goggles) and it protects them from debris and scratching when not in use. I suggest NOT putting the peel off covers on the goggles. I did that and the first heat I was exposed to caused it to melt onto the lens and the lens had to be replaced. ESS seems to be the best going on the market and you can buy replacement lenses for less than 10 bucks of something does happen to them instead of buying an entire new goggle for 40 dollars +. Good luck!
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                            OMG..that gave me the chills just looking at those pictures, I could only manage how those poor people felt. Oh man I couldnt look at all those photo's I cringe everytime I see them....ouch!! I look at that and think..HA..and I think a piece of fuzz stuck to my contact hurts..
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                              Thanks for all the input Bro's. I ordered a pair of ESS goggles this morning...we'll see how they hold up. (In the meantime the Wiley X glasses will remain in my gear as a backup) Thanks to everyone who posted.


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