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7 Alarm Factory Fire- Rochester, NY

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  • 7 Alarm Factory Fire- Rochester, NY

    Here are some great picture taken from this fire.

    Massive fire destroys vacant city factory
    Bennett Loudon, Jeffrey Blackwell and Greg Livadas
    Democrat and Chronicle

    (June 21, 2003) — A spectacular seven-alarm fire late Friday night destroyed the abandoned brick Delco factory building at the intersection of Lyell Avenue and Whitney Street.

    Hundreds of residents gathered in the area watching as explosions sent fireballs 50 to 60 feet into the air. Traffic slowed to a crawl on Interstate 490 as passers-by witnessed the fire, which could be seen for miles.

    Capt. Dan McBride, spokesman for the Rochester Fire Department, said that 120 firefighters -- every available one in the city -- were called to the scene of the fire, which broke out at 10:41 p.m.

    There were no injuries reported.

    “It’s the biggest fire I’ve ever seen. Fortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any impact on residential areas,” McBride said.

    McBride said he did not know what was causing the explosions, but he added that recent inspections did not indicate any hazardous materials in the building.

    McBride said the fire would likely burn all night, and that firefighters were fanning out to try to protect neighboring buildings from flying embers.

    It was unclear whether adjacent streets were evacuated.

    A major concern, McBride said, was to keep firefighters away from the building, which extends for about five city blocks, in case the six-story walls collapsed. Sections of the roof and several stories collapsed as of 12:30 a.m. today.

    “Fortunately, this is in an industrial area,” McBride said. The extent of the fire prevented firefighters from entering the building. They were dousing water on the plant from the outside. “If the walls let go, we want to make sure nobody gets hurt. It’s just an incredible sight.”

    The factory is bordered on one side by Lyell Avenue, on another by Orchard and Whitney streets, and on the other other side by railroad tracks next to Lime Street.

    Witnesses as far as five blocks away could feel the heat from the fireballs that erupted from the inferno.

    “Oh, my gosh, I’m so scared, ‘ said Lisa Figueroa, 13, of 103 Walnut St., who was watching the fire from the corner of Broad Street and Lyell Avenue.

    Carol Waite, who lives on Lyell just a few blocks from Dewey, said, “I was taking a bath and I heard all the sirens, so I had to come out and see this. They should have taken that building down a long time ago."

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    That was a very big fire. Trucks where there when my cousin and i drove by scene about 2:30 pm today. other then that great job with keeping the fire to that building and not haveing anyone get hurt RFD!


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      yeah there was a lot of equipment committed to that fire. the seventh alarm was so far in that it brought Gates 4520, which was filling in for Q/M 5. i've never seen anything like it. i guess they're saying now that it's the biggest fire in Rochester in over 50 years.


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