Hello, my name is Laurie Loveman; you may know me as the author of the Firehouse Family series of novels: MEMORIES, THE QUARRY, and THE FARM FIRES. Each of these novels features fires and horses as integral parts of their plots because I care deeply about both of these subjects. In 1984 my article, "Barn Fires: Sad but Preventable," was published in the journal, Appaloosa World. Since then my article, in various forms, has been widely reprinted. It has been updated over the years, and now, in partnership with the National Equine Safety Association (NESA), an organization devoted to the safe evacuation of horses in case of natural disasters or fires, I will be expanding that article into a book.

NESA educates through publications and hands-on clinics where horse owners learn how to safely evacuate horses from their facility. Local fire departments are also invited to the clinics so fire fighters will know what to expect at each barn. For the past several years NESA and its originator, Robert Barnard, have been concentrating on several projects closely allied with fire prevention in barns. Shortly NESA's web site will be up and running so you can get the latest fire safety information.

NESA and I need your help. Nothing can get a point across or create understanding like hearing or reading the words of someone "who's been there," either as the victim of a tragedy who's lost beloved horses (or was fortunate enough to save them) or as a firefighter on the scene. What you did or didn't do, and what you learned from your experience is of crucial importance to many people.

Please share your experiences, run reports, news clips, and other narratives with me by email at [email protected] or by regular U.S. mail at Laurie Loveman, P.O. Box 97, Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022.

Thank you. The information you provide may play a part in preventing another tragedy.