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    'I can’t think of a more tragic Fathers' Day," a grim-faced Mayor Giuliani said after the three of New York's Bravest were killed in a blast during a fire at Queens' hardware store on Astoria Boulevard on June 17, and the rest of New York shared in the grief. The three Firefighters, Brian Fahey of East Rockaway (Rescue 4), Harry Ford of Long Beach (Rescue 4) and John J. Downing of Port Jefferson Station (Ladder 163), left behind eight children between them.
    That was 3 years ago, and yet as I went to work yesterday it was solidly in my mind...re-enforced by Brother Artie's post.

    I spent the day hoping no other families would share a similar tragedy.

    It was not to be.

    Memphis Firefighter Lost, Second Fighting for Life in Mall Fire Trio of Bravest Became Trapped in Three-Alarm Blaze
    Firehouse.com News

    A Memphis firefighter lost his life, and a second was fighting for his life, after they became trapped inside a burning shopping center in the north section of the city, authorities said.

    The firefighter, whose name was expected to be released later Monday, was believed to have been the last of a trio of firefighters pulled from a burning Family Dollar Store. One of the three was missing for an as yet unreleased amount of time, sources said.

    The firefighter had perished before he arrived at the Regional Medical Center at Memphis, spokesman Skip Coder told Firehouse.com early Monday. A second firefighter remained in critical condition with life threatening burns. A third was treated and released, Coder said.

    About 10 minutes into the fire attack, the three firefighters entered the strip mall and become trapped. One was missing for an undetermined amount of time, Memphis Fire Department Communications Watch Commander Bill Adelman said.

    "[The building] was not heavily involved on arrival but it got that way," Adelman said.

    The fire on North Watkins Street, dispatched at about 7:45 p.m. Sunday, quickly rose to three alarms.

    According to the city's radio feed, numerous units and command staff were being taken to a location to be debriefed.

    The department is not releasing the names of the members until family can be notifed. Adelman said many of those family members and numerous on and off duty firefighters were waiting at the hospital for word on the conditions of the victims. Hundreds of others had called area fire stations and the city's dispatch center.

    "The department as a whole is very concerned about the welfare of those involved," Adelman said before hospital officials confirmed one of the firefighters had lost his life. "We're praying for the best and that everybody will pull through."

    The last firefighter fatalities in Memphis were in 2000, when Lt. Javier Lerma, 41, the son of a Memphis firefighter who died battling a blaze in 1977, and Pvt. William Blakemore, 48, a firefighter who was working for a sick colleague, were shot and killed by another firefighter on the scene of domestic dispute.
    My thoughts and prayers to the Brothers from Memphis, and the families of those involved.

    Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends John 15:13

    Rest in Peace Brother....Brian, Harry and John will show you the way.
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    Our Thougths and Prayers Go Out to the Memphis FD and Families

    As we anxiously wait to hear the status of the other firefighter, our hearts go out the the Memphis FD and thier families. Once again their department has suffered the tragic loss of a member in the line of duty.

    We pray for them and thier families and the family of our fallen brother. May God give them guidance and help them through these difficult times. To lose a father on any day is a horrible experience, to lose your father on Father's Day doubles the pain.

    God Bless all of you.
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      Our thought and prayers are with our brothers and sisters in Memphis. As we pray for the recovery of our injured brother we also pray that the God receives our deceased brother into his arms. Our hearts go out to the families and co-workers of these men.
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        We are with you brothers and sisters from MFD....our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your families.
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        The beatings will continue until the morale improves


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          Rest in peace.


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            My thoughts and prayers are for the families of those lost and injured in this tragedy. This should serve as proof positive that even in incidents that seem relatively routine, serious danger is always a risk to any of us. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow.
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              My thoughts and prayers are with the families in Memphis. My heart aches for your loss and prays for the recovery of the injured firefighter.


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                My thoughts go to my Brothers in Memphis and their families. Rest in Peace.
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                  Media now confirming that the second firefighter has passed away as a result of injuries sustained while fighting this fire.

                  God Bless them and their families.
                  Always remember the CHARLESTON 9

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                    Heart breaking

                    My thoughts and prayers are with those in Memphis. I can only pray that God will comfort them, heal their hearts. My heart truly aches for them. I wish things like this didn't happen!! I want to cry


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                      News reports the firefighters went in searching for the store manager who was believed to be inside.

                      God be with the families of those lost and all of the members and families of the MFD.


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                        Kia Kaha Brothers
                        Psychiatrists state 1 in 4 people has a mental illness.
                        Look at three of your friends, if they are ok, your it.


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                          Prayers to the Memphis Fire Department from the Cincinnati Fire Department. God rest our departed brothers souls and may the MFD be comforted in this time of loss.


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                            May they rest in peace.........
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                              As I sat & enjoyed my daughter's gifts and endless hugs on Sunday, I paused and said a prayer for the 3 FDNY firefighters who died in 2000 at that paint-shop fire. How fortunate that my family still had me around and how sad that Father's Day had been marred for 3 families in New York.
                              Now, it's happened again, in Memphis. My brothers, my heart goes out to you, the dept, and your families. May God hold them and keep them safe. I'm so sorry for your loss, MFD...take solace in knowing we are all mourning with you.


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