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Leather Fire Boots

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  • Leather Fire Boots

    Having seen all this love for leather helmets out there i was wondering who has the boots too? i am a proud wearer of a cairns N5A and a pair of 10 inch Ranger zip up interior boots. i feel they are much more comfortable, safer while driving, and just better than the rubbers. what do u guys think?
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    HAd a pair of leather Rangers and threw them in the trash after about a year. Toes wore out inside self destructed really didnt like them at all.
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      I have a pair of leather 14" pull up Thorogood bunkers. I love them. I have had them over a year now and have had not a single problem with them. I am looking into a new pair of station boots. I am debating between Pro Warringtons and Thorogood 8" or 10" zips. Anyone want to comment?



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        Proud owner of Warrington PRO 14" Pull-on Bunker boots, with the Nomex/Kevlar Upppers.... very comfortable.

        Can't wait to get a leather lid.

        Go for the Warrington PRO's - Many people that I know who had Rangers, like the Warrington PRO's because of the shape of the boot... the toe cap doesn't wear off after 2 months of use...

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          I have my Conway Leather and Warrington Pro bunker boots. One must look good while putting out fires you know. One must also be comfortable.

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            Cow on mellon, cow on wheels.

            N5A & Warrington Pro 14" Traditional Nomex/ Kevlar
            Just my 2 cents....3 before taxes

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              Pro Warrington's: The best Christmas present ever!


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                I have 8" Thorogood Zips and resently looked at specs on a Paul Conway Heritage Leather Helmet. Was suprised to find out it is not a real leather helmet. It is leather wrapped around a synthetic shell.
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                  I have worn both Warrington Pro and Black diamond boots...Love them both..almost identical except for the toe configuration. And even though the newer rubber boots are your regular shoe size...I still like my leather.....

                  Anyone on here remember the old Rico Maximizer....Those were the first fire boots (leather) that I can ever remember wearing.

                  As far as helmet...Yea...I love the N5A....no better... I have heard that the paul conway leather is actually a composite material covered with leather. Have not checked one out closely though...

                  The traditional helmet is the best but none of the comnposite traditional helmets reach out and grab me.
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                    As a little Christmas present ot myself I bought a pair of 14" Pro-Warrington Bunker boots.Second best investment I've made next to my Conway leather helmet. They are lighter and wayyyyy more comfortable!


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                      I bought a pair of Black Diamond pull-ups last summer and love them! I have very messed up feet from years of ballet and gymnastics as a child, and am recovering from stress-fractures in both shins (yeah, if I was a horse, they'd put me down!). I still have to wear special inserts to support my feet, but the Black Diamond's are much more supportive than the rubber boots. It was definintely worth the expense!
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                        Can't say enough in favor of leather boots! We group-ordered for a bunch of guys from my FD and another next door, and the majority were very satisfied (we went with Warrington PRO's after doing some research and online discussions---check out www.TotalFireGroup.com for some excellent, unbiased research material.

                        The one suggestion that I'd make is, whatever brand that you're interested in, get some samples to try on before making a final discision. The leathers really do fit like shoes, so be careful in selecting the correct size for your own feet/how you wear socks/insoles/etc (no extra "slop room" like rubber bunkers that can be made up with extra socks or cut-up carpet pieces). The one member of my dept. that wasn't happy with his pair had REALLY big feet and didn't get an accurate size to try on pre-order (but he ended up selling them to another guy who didn't get in on the group buy initially, but wished he had after it came in!
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                          Leather Forever!

                          Cairn's Leather N6A Houston on the head,

                          PRO Warrington 4000 Leather/Kevlar/Nomex boots,

                          Living the dream...


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                            I have been using the Warrington Pro 14 inch bunker boots for about 3 years. I love them. My Department is now ordering them. The only problem I had was sometimes the leather would shrink and be tight to get on. I broke three straps because of it. The Rep selling the boots told me to try saddle soap to loosen them. Other then that they are great.


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                              conway leather on head, warrington pro 14" all leather pull on, on the feet

                              and yes the conway leather is actually a "composite liner" wrapped in dyed leather, kind of line the impact liner in the sam houston... i love em both
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