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  • Be careful what you write...

    Another thread (which will probably go once the WebTeam sees it) made me think it's time for a reminder/lesson for people.

    Be cautious with what you write on the Internet.

    I'm not sure how far back Firehouse currently archives it's forums. It's an issue both on-line (what we can retrieve) or even if they leave a copy of a backup tape sitting on a dusty shelf.

    Content and information about a poster *can* be subpoenaed. I've seen statements here before that I don't think anyone would ever want to see in court.

    It's not to be paranoid, but think a bit about what your writing and do you really want to have to defend that in the future?

    Usenet is even worse, as archives exist all the way back to 1981. I have seen postings on other discussion groups to the effect, "I'd never hire someone without a usenet search first. Gotta see if their head is screwed on straight first, and see if they talk out of their @*** second."

    It's not hard to do. Most of my email addresses are some form of [email protected]. Not hard to go to groups.google.com and type in mkivela@ and find mind droppings of mine from 1996! ( http://groups.google.com/groups?q=mkivela%40&hl=en&scoring=d&start=230&sa=N&filter=0 )

    Most of what I'm written still holds true, some my opinions have changed. A fair portion is written as devil's advocate. Occassionaly I've gotten into debates with a troll I shouldn't have.

    But ya gotta remember what you email to someone, what you post on line leaves electronic trails that are hard if not impossible to erase. Be careful, not afraid, but careful on what you post.

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    Good point.

    But why would the webteam have a problem w/ the post? It's a bit of a heads up of sorts, in regards to members post content.

    Seemed like a good topic to me (but then again, what do I know).
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        Not that I have written anything to be ashamed of.....but, YIKES! This is a bit Orwellian. Truth be told, I would never have considered this at all. Thanks for the "heads-up"!
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          I searched mine...found posts that my wife made...but here's the best one:
          There is a post from the time I was in college that has my college email address that I know for a FACT that I never made. It is on a topic I know nothing about nor have any interest in....hmmm...wonder if someone was using my computer or just my email address?
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            Oklahoma, and I'm sure other states do as well, has the Okla. Open Records Act. Most, if not all, government, from local on up, documents are available to be inspected by the public. Great if you want to see the last 10 people a F.D. hired and get an idea what they look for. Recently, computer commo has been placed under this heading also. Technically, soon we won't be able to delete our fire dept. MS outlook emails. Gotta be REAL careful what you put in those! I know it sounds bad to get called to court for what you put in here, but in reality, if you do, you're probably talking about stuff you should keep your mouth shut about anyway.
            ...if you put the handline in the right spot, you won't have to jump out the window...
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              Technically, soon we won't be able to delete our fire dept. MS outlook emails.


              Most email servers have the capability to copy all incoming/outgoing email automatically to an "Archive account." It makes it easier and cheaper in the future to search the email than having to go to backup tape to find "deleted" emails.

              It's designed for industries/government sectors that have legal or liability reasons that they have to keep accurate copies of emails and not depend on the end-users.
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                Also, just go to any search engine and type your town name in and your name and see what it brings up. you may be surprised.


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                  Dang Larry,
                  See what happens when I follow your advice while eating lunch...

                  I discovered I have some "unclaimed funds" sitting at my State Treasurer's Office. How much and what for I don't know, but the request has been sent
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