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  • What do you have in your POV?

    For the record... I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT LIGHTS!!! It was as though I could hear everyone say "Oh no, not again!"

    Seriously though, I was wondering what you all carry in your own vehicles in the way of medical equipment? Do you have complete rescue bags, or just a first aid kit, or nothing at all? Me personally, I only have several pairs of latex gloves, and a CPR mask. I don't exactly go around seeking disasters, but I guess I like to feel that if I came upon a situation where I may be of some help, it would be a good idea to have something. Just curious....
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    as the Asst Fire Chief I have a 5 lb extinguisher, a milk crate that holds a clipboard, HazMat Guide book,dept issued traffic vest, turnout gear bag, map book, radio frequency list book, dept SOG,s ,barrier tape, purple non-latex gloves, portable radio 12v charger .....I think thats about it ........
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      Same as Weruj1 plus medical jump kit, binoculars (for Hazmat and SAR), rechargable water extinguisher, and a couple of stuffed animals (for the kids, not me!).

      Oh yeah, and a spare tire.
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        About the only Fire-EMS equipment that I carry is a BLS Jumpkit. I've thought about adding a Dsize O2 bag since there are times that I respond straight to scene (ie across the street or a block away). I'm trying to put together a small kit of odds and ends like: 5lb FE, assortment of tools and what not.

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          No pickup truck is too big....

          Medical Stuff
          Medical/ Trauma bag
          O2 Bag
          Gloves are in all the bags, never be without them!

          Fire Stuff
          Turnout gear (duh?)
          One of them Res-Q Wrench things, never used it
          One of them flashie belt clip things, never used that either
          4-D Cell mag lite (for use a flashlight or self defense)
          Multi-Million CP spotlight back there somewhere
          Some flares
          A big recovery tow rope with hooks (off-road thing)
          DOT HazMat book in the door pocket
          Portable radios for every band in verious hiding spots.

          Recent Additions
          400gpm pump that can draft
          2 rolls of 5" LDH
          200ft of attack line pre-connected
          Pack seats
          A dispatch console in the bed
          A radio tower that mounts to the trailer hitch
          One of those truck-bed tent things converted to a Decon station.

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            I just carry a B.L.S. jump bag in my kit. Including the following:

            Multi Trauma Dressing
            2,3,4" tape
            3,6" Kling
            3,6" ACE Wrap
            Amonia Inhalents
            Pocket C.P.R. Mask
            Disposable One Way Valve
            Disposable Gloves
            Blood Pressure Cuff
            Assortment Oral Airways
            Trauma Scissors
            Sam Splint
            Triangular Bandages
            Disposable Blanket

            Plus I have a vehicle fluid accessory box I carry with a fire extinguisher, reflector sticks for road scenes, jumper cables, motor oil, radiator fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, duct tape.


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              just a regular stocked med bag and sometimes a car seat for my son. that's it.
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                Some carpet, a steering wheel, my son's car seat, a stereo......

                Now seriously.... My turnout gear, a small BLS kit, a 5 lb ext. a mag-light (more for a flashlight in the vehicle than for the FD) and one of those metal clipboards that hold the blank forms on the inside... being the LT every thing runs down hill so guess who gets to do the paperwork.. might as well have the clipboard to make it a little easier!!


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                  I have a bag that carries the following items:

                  Turnout gear
                  A 4-D Maglight
                  A flaslight with traffic cone
                  Barrier tape
                  Exam gloves
                  Combination seatbelt cutter/window punch
                  Traffic vest
                  A Mini-Mag on my helmet
                  Two-way radio
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                    I'm about the same as Ratchet....CPR mask, couple pairs of gloves, and a basic first aid kit (mainly for me as I have a tendency to cut myself when working under the hood). Sure I have the flashlight, flares, etc...but that is something I would carry regardless of what I did.
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                      Yeah, Me Too....

                      Aside from the standard inventory of a redneck pickup (Guns,Fishing rods,Bluegrass tapes, Etc.) A BLS kit, Set of Turnout Gear, Portable radio. I classify my Bausch & Lomb 50X Glasses as a multi Purpose Tool, since it is used for counting points on a rack, estimating sizes in a bikini, and reading symbols on overturned tankers. Stay Safe....
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                        I just carry the bare basics:

                        3 cell mag light
                        small 1st aid kit
                        3 army style shell dressings
                        reflective vest (for those night time stops)
                        CPR mask
                        6prs FR gloves
                        assortment of tools (mostly to fix the junk I drive )
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                          Same as above with the addition of a blow up doll for doing radar and a dozen donuts. Woops, Wrong Forum.


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                            Turnout gear
                            2cell maglite
                            Trauma bag
                            Car seat for son
                            extra pack of smokes
                            A couple bottles of drinking water
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                              Nothing big medically except a first aid kit-mostly for myself and frequent run-ins with pricker bushed while hiking.

                              I don't carry anything having to do with fire fighting but my key to the station.

                              Search and Rescue wise, I carry my 24 and 48 hour gear, extra uniform, spare boots, and a ton of wool socks. Though we rarely have any missions that don't amount to more than tracking down an accidental activation of an ELT at an airport, there has been ocassions that called for more than one night spent at a mission base in the middle of nowhere.

                              A 2 meter band HT with it's various licenses to use it, but I rarely use it except for SAR stuff. Someday I'll set up an antenna on my car, but for now, I'm not that into ham radio to go crazy with it and I can hit all the repeaters I need with the rubber ducky.


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