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How to tell FF husband, we are going to have a baby.....

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  • How to tell FF husband, we are going to have a baby.....

    My husband runs with our volunteer fire company and we both work EMS. He works so hard and has the love to fight fire. He broke his back 3 years ago fighting a fire.

    Well, we have been married a year and now, I really think I am pregnant. I am going to the doctors late next week. Dave knows that we have been trying, but does not know that I feel I am pregnant. I want to tell him in a very special way. Dave did an amazing wedding proposal and now I want to suprise him in an amazing way also.

    Please tell me if this is cool or corny... (Also, I'm open to other ideas).

    I want to order a baby creeper (http://www.ourdesigns.com/product.jsp?path=-1|5159|1089&id=3488). I'll give it to him and let him figure it out, although it will not take long.

    Does anyone know of a cutier outfit or a better idea.

    Please tell me what you think or share your funny story.

    Thanks so much


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    The link says there's an error...

    Oh yea, so how did he propose to you?


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      If your department uses voice pagers, maybe you could get with the Chief and your dispatchers and have them make an announcment at a pager test.


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        Buy one of those lil' fire engines and put it in your liveing room and when he comes home and asks what it is for ,say its for a our little fireman!!!! LOL The newest member of Wally Fire/Rescue
        Congrats on da baby!
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          my wife surprised me as I was getting out of the shower. I kinda guessed something was up when I saw her.

          When we told my parents we bought a pattern for some baby outfit and gave it to my mom and asked her if she could have it ready in 9 months. When we told my wife's mom we got a baby picture frame and I downloaded a picture of a baby's ultrasound and put it in the frame. We told her we'll have a real picture there in a couple of months.

          Good Luck and congratulations.
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