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    I was just looking at a college which offered fire courses. I was wondering what type of course i should take if i want to become a Normal Carreer FF?
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    Re: Fire Ed.

    Originally posted by Kvfcjr
    college witch

    I don't think you should be looking to take any Fire Suppression related courses from a "witch", besides if the witch is still in college how good could the witch be??????

    I'm Sorry Kvfcjr, I couldn't resist. I'm just funnin' with you!!
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      OK i edited it happy?



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        Re: Fire Ed.

        Originally posted by Kvfcjr
        I was just looking at a college which offered fire courses. I was wondering what type of course i should take if i want to become a Normal Carreer FF?
        A stint in the military would make you grow up a little. You can be a FF there plus take courses.


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          I'm with George on this one....

          do a stint in the military. Financially, and personal growth wise, there isn't anything better for young folks trying to get ahead in life.

          I would not recommend to you to waste your money on college. Especially since you're currently wasting time in High School posting on this website.

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            Originally posted by Firegod343

            you're currently wasting time in High School posting on this website.

            It is lunch time, i am not hungry, so i am in the library on here. Not wasting anytime!


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              Another side....

              If you're not the military type, you can save money by going to a community collge. I've read about many community colleges that offer some kind of fire science or criminal justice program. You can get your associates and then head off to a four-year school (most take 60 transfer credits, UNH did for me) -- Kentucky, Oklahoma, Maryland, John Jay in NYC, New Haven (UNH-CT) -- are examples of schools that have fire science programs of various types.

              There are plenty of scholarships out there, the IAFC Foundation was very nice to me when I attended New Haven and when I went to SBU for my MA -- I didn't even study Fire Science when I got my MA.

              Good luck to you.
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                Take-Wizard I/II

                Matt concentrate getting out of high school. The other day you said some real doozeys,the best was you couldnt tell me what the EP was on a simple FL problem cause "jr's arnt on the nozzle"-whats the nozzle goto do with it? I have always thought it was the pump operator that set the pressure!

                If your looking for higher education I belive Hogwarts has some good programs with witches.


                P.S ESTI,MFRI or New haven are good.
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                  ok, well, thanks for the help, sorta.


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                    and here i was wondering why someone wanted to fire ed. what did ed do to deserve being fired?
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                      he wasn't doing his job right


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                        KVFC, if you want to go to a Comm College, Gateway Tech in New Haven has a Assoc. degree in Fire Science (or something along that title). U of New Haven has a degree in it as well.

                        If you want to try to join something like the Air National Guard FD up at Bradley, it will give you some military plus fire experience and I believe the National Guard still pays for tuition to any state college.
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                          My suggestion is that you take the following courses BEFORE you take any fire science courses:

                          1) English - You have seen the posts on this Forum relative to this issue. When, or if, you become a "normal" career fire fighter you will be responsible for writing reports. Writing reports with copious amounts of spelling errors and inappropriate syntax will not only keep you on the back step, but also, you will lose the respect of your peers and superiors. I suggest you start by paying very close attention to your posts on this Forum.

                          2) Math - Fire fighters need math. Hydraulics is but one area steeped in math. I suggest algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. If you have trouble with any of theses (i.e., anything less than a B), take the course over - and over - and over.

                          3) Chemistry - Take algebra before chemistry (or you will get lost very quickly). Haz Mat is a big area in the Fire Service. Without chemistry, Haz Mat will be reduced to trial and error - an obviously dangerous combination. Take 2 courses in Inorganic Chemistry and at least 1 Organic Chemistry course.

                          4) Biology - This includes not only an introductory course (which discusses cell structure and physiology), but also, a course in anatomy and physiology. Most departments require their fire fighters to be certified as EMT’s and/or Paramedics. Take anatomy and physiology BEFORE taking an EMS course. Don’t wait to learn anatomy and physiology while taking the EMS courses(s) - you will have to learn 2 topics at the same time.

                          5) Physics - They don't call it Fire "SCIENCE" for nothing. Take algebra and trig before physics.

                          BTW, you think you are not wasting time in high school? I must question (1) why are you not eating lunch? Your brain functions better when the body is well nourished. And (2) Since you are in the library, why are you not studying? Are you a straight “A” student? Have you completed all of your homework? Have you read your textbooks in advance of the lectures?

                          Good Luck.

                          Jim Feld


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