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Wyoming Tragedy--Another Inexcusable Act

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  • Wyoming Tragedy--Another Inexcusable Act

    Before I get on my soap box>>>>>

    My deepest sympathies go out to the family of the young Firefighter Trainee in Wyoming. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as you struggle to make sense out of this horrible event. My god be with you and the members of the Department as you grieve the loss of this young person in the prime of their life.


    Teen Firefighter Killed in Truck Rollover: Driver Charged with DUI

    Caillier was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and was still being held with no bond at the Weston County Detention Facility on Friday morning. Additional charges are pending.
    GOOD..I Hope he stays!
    Caillier was treated for cuts and abrasions.
    Hope he feels better soon so he can get back behind the wheel.

    That pretty much sums it up. I know that we have gone over this and over this but here is a prime example of how being on duty or responding and alcohol DO NOT MIX!

    If this man is convicted of the charge offense, I am hoping that he is charged with "Criminally Negligent Homicide." If he admits to know his abilities were impaired then it should be murder. I am certain that some attorney like Moran that will defend this scum and say that he did no wrong.

    For those of you that have advocated that there is no problem with drinking and responding or being on duty, I hope this will open your eyes. With the recipe of Booze, Excitement of a call, a 30 Ton Fire Truck and Speed, the time for a potential disaster is just around the corner.

    How many lives will we lose before someone wakes up and smells the roses???? The life of a young adult who longed to have a career in the fire serice is snatched away at a moments notice. Why? Because someone chose to knock back a few and then drive the big red thing! Should she have been wearing a seat belt (I know some of you will argue that)...Sure she should But if the driver had not been allegedly drinking then the accident would most likely not have happened and therefore the seatbelt is a mute point. We have not seen the pictures of the cab, but who is to say a seat belt would have saved her?
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    isnt it 2003 ? isnt it ? when will some of these (edited, XO CFI) people get a clue ? when ...............absolutley a shame and totally inexcuseable ......... I just couldnt beleive that I was reading that ......anyone for seatbelts ? MY GOODNESS!...................I am done ......just speechless ......... sorry for the family ....
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    I'm sorry, I haven't been paying much attention for the last 3 hours.....what were we discussing?
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      God Bless that family. And God dam the mutt that drove it.

      Makes me think that coulda been me.... "


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        Maybe the driver and Baird can share a cell in prison. My sympathy to the family for the needless loss of their daughter.
        When are these people who think that its ok to belt a few back and then respond to calls going to realize that its stupid and pointless. This is a prime example of why alcohol and emergency responses should not ever be mixed.

        I could say much much more, but the WT will throw me out in a heartbeat for it, so ill keep it to myself.

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          I think that this incident pretty well FINALLY drives the point home about drinking and fighting fire. Who was the yahoo that was making "his case" before saying that there was no problem with it?

          Let us see what he has to say about this one.

          On a more somber note... My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the FF trainee.
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            A terribly poor judgment call on the drivers part. My heart goes out to the family of the young girl. THis is a real example of going from hero to zero and I hope that this will be the last incident of this type. Nothing really prevents anyone from making a poor judgment call in a situation like this. We are all totally dependant on the individual to make the right choice. We should all look around our departments and realize how important it is that we make the best decisions for not just ourselves but also our co-workers


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              Words can't describe this senseless death. When will the fireservice learn?
              What will they report as the cause of this: Driver under the influence, no seatbelts worn, and let me guess excessive speed? How many times do we have to hear this broken record?

              My thoughts and prayers go out to Andee's familiy. And we all should feel a bit responsible for letting this happen again. Don't think that it can't happen to you, if your driving don't move the rig until everyone has their seatbelts on. If someone has had a drink or two don't let him drive, even if it means getting off the rig yourself or not responding.
              We have the power to stop this from happening again. Don't let another firefighter die in vain.


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                Somewhere, I can only hope that cdeveo(sp?) is reading this........

                What a senseless tragedy, which could have been averted by simply turning the pager off.

                My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and the department.
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                  Tried to log on to their website only to find it shut down so don't know much about the fire dept. But I'll bet this isn't the first time he's had a couple and responded to a call.

                  captstanm1 I will argue with you about seat belts. They may have saved her life, depending on the severity to the tanker. Having not seen pictures of the accident I can't say one way or the other.

                  My thoughts are with the family and members of the fire dept.
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                    My condolences to the family. What a terrible tragedy! This is all too common. I went through my FF1 academy with some guys from a small volunteer fire dept. that allowed alcohol during training or any fire dept. function. I'm on a volunteer dept. and fifteen years ago, they had the same problem. The fire chief was once arrested after he got back to the station from a call for DUI. There are very strict rules and absolutely no alcohol for any reason is allowed on dept. property. Then the seat belt issue. I was just arguing with a fellow ff on Tuesday night about ff's not wearing seatbelts while in a fire truck or any vehicle for that matter. Trust me, he's going to hear about this!


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                      OUTRAGED IN NEW YORK


                      From what I have read... I am OUTRAGED in this horrible tragedy.

                      I am 29 years old and in the volunteer service and the Fire Service is my life.

                      I am very discourged how someone can be so irresponsible.... even with alcohol involved. I am a weekend / social drinker myself and I know... if the pager goes off... I back off.... I will help where I can.. but you bet I will never ever be the first on a truck.

                      I am saddened and ashamed for those in the fire service who respond in a situation like this.

                      My sympothy and regrets go out to the family for "OUR" lost sister... and for the fire department who must grieve this loss.

                      I am very, very sorry....

                      Sincerely yours....

                      Jason Braker
                      West Oneonta Volunteer Fire Dept.

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                        My thoughts and prayers go out to Andee's family.

                        Let's hope this doesn't turn out like we all know it will. One more black eye for the fire service........
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                          From the Firehouse.com publisher:

                          There was much press and discussion about the Alan Baird/Lairdville, New York training fire death, described by some as 'killing on of our own', should this be no different if true?
                          You're right. This is no different.
                          when will some of these HILLJACK people get a clue ?
                          This has nothing to do with the issue. This happens in every type of FD from the most rural to the most urban. I have witnessed it happen in one of the busiest firehouses in this country. To start insulting people because of where they live is a shining example of your lack of professionalism.


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                            shuswapfiref...... I was in no way condoning the non use of seat belts. And I did say that we will sadly never know if it would have made a difference. The point is that if the guy had not allegedly been under the influence the accident would in all probabilities not have occurred. Again...I emphasize the fact that I do not condone the non use of seat belts. That is another whole issue outside the drinking and responding thing....

                            Again...God Bless Andee as she now is at the "big house" watching over us. God be with her family as they deal with this tragic loss.
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                              This is yet another case of failing to think out things first! But this time it did not just effect the firefighter in question but that of a 16 year old. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and the department. I hope that this is the last time that such a report must be made but I fear that it will not be so
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