Does anyone else use theses things?

First, let me say that while you are actually using for SCBA communications, it is PHENOMENAL!! 200% improvement in communications. The little speaker thing for talking to people face to face is great too.

Now, the problem... It also can function as a regular "lapel mic" or speaker/mic (whatever you want to call it) when not wearing an SCBA mask. Gee, that sounds wonderful, kill two birds with one stone. However, we have found that the audio from the speaker and the transmitted audio are VERY low. Like, low enough that the thing is just about useless as a speaker/mic. There is no way it is supposed to be like that. Before I start playing phone tag and going back and fourth with 50 different service centers and manufacturers, has anyone else had this problem and gotten it fixed? What exactly was the problem and was it covered by warrenty? If not under warrenty, how much was it?