Those who may Listen,

I am a career firefighter with the Kearny NJ FD, FMBA Local 18. I have to admit I was happy to hear that a Statue to Honor All Our Fallen Brothers was going to be constructed. This is a wonderful tribute of remembrance. Then I was in total shock at the ignorance of some who decided to throw in the Race card. Especially since it has no bearing on this project. When I look at the photo of the Flag Raising I see brother firefighters period. Those inconsiderate who feel they have to do justice to race have no place trying to represent the fire service. When I see the statue in its finished form I would hope that the conscience of the sculptor will shine through, as in all art form and do justice to All those who perished in this horrible tragic event, by Showing Three Firefighters Raising the Flag.

Mike Kaywork
Kearny FD (NJ)
FMBA Local 18 (member)

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