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  • TFT-Blitzfire

    I need info. on this Nozzle, Do you like it? Is it worth the money? Does it work? or any other info you can give me, including examples.

    A/C Malesky

  • #2
    Do you know how you want to use it? It does everything TFT claims. It is fairly light wieght ,it can flow up to 500gpm, it doesnt need to be secured, it does have a automatic shut off if it becomes unstable. It works good for initial blitz attacks. Flows up to 500 gpm can be reached from certain handline nozzles such as a 1-3/8" tip on a smooth bore playpipe .

    Here is a comparison as I see it.

    The handline requires 2 firefighters to deploy using the sitting technique. The TFT blitz fire can be setup and left unmanned.

    The handline is much lighter.

    The handline is much cheaper and could possibly already be in your inventory.

    Both are considered to be safe.

    Both can be lowered past the 30 degree angle that the standard portable monitors are limited to. The handline can be layed completely flat on the ground. I am not sure what the Blitz can do but I do know that it comes down pretty low and can easily direct a stream through a front door.

    I know that Gary FD in Indiana and Los Angeles County Fire are using them. Give them a buzz.


    • #3
      our dept. was one of the few to have one of the prototypes before they were actually in full production. with the limited manpower we have deploying a step gun to protect an exposure fairly quick is a big part of our operations. we have since purchased one and are pleased with the features. as everyone knows trying to fight a job with limited manpower is a task in itself. any way you can gain an extra man on the ground is a plus. i believe this is what these do. if they happen to be bumped or knocked over, they simply shut down. keep in mind this is just one of the task that they can be used for. and even at that someone still has to keep an eye on the exposure. hope this helped and stay safe.


      • #4
        We have been using the Blitzfire for several months now. It has been deployed on several large fires with excellent results and we are going to be buying more in the future. With limited manning it is a good way to put larger streams in service quickly.

        One word of caution... Even though you can put on larger tips, the manufacturer limits the unit to 500 GPM. If you try to flow more, it will void the warranties.



        • #5
          If your after max flow why not use a Vindicator Blitz Attack nozzle on a 2 1/2 attack line? It will do the 500 GPM and the warranty is not void if you go over?
          Just an Idea, It works for us.


          • #6
            Anyone havepics? Are they big enough that they must be stored in a compartment or can they be on a pre-connect? if u have pics please e-mail them to me or post them please.

            This is your brain... Pierce
            This is your Brain on drugs..... E-One


            • #7
              Here are some storage pictures etc:


              300x600 Ad Unit (In-View)


              Upper 300x250