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CD Fundraiser: Only 50% given to FDNY!

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  • CD Fundraiser: Only 50% given to FDNY!

    I just read that only 50% of the funds received for the South Carolina CD project was given to FDNY. Needless to say, I'm very upset. Our dept took part in the CD sales. 30 +/- members sold about 300 CD's in 2 weeks. Now I feel ashamed to be part of this project. The video we watched didn't inform us as to what percentage was going to FDNY. We "assumed" ALL proceeds went to FDNY. Shouldn't there be disclosure as to what percentage of money is going to a project? You would think that this was a very worthy cause and the maximum amount of proceeds was going to FDNY. I feel guilty for taking people's money. Anyone feel the same? Anyone brave enough to admit they were part of this project? Who would think someone was trying to make a buck!!! I'm all for making money, but this is ridiculous!

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    Our department also participated in the "SPARTANBURG COUNTY" gift to FDNY cd fundraiser. In the video it was said that ALL proceeds were to go to the FDNY christmas gift. If only 50 percent went I will also be steaming mad. Where did you read this? I'd like to read it too.


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      Remember folks, it does cost money to do this stuff. It costs money to make the CD, you have to pay for the cover artwork, marketing, mailing, etc. Now I know for a fact that when we first had our meeting about this project, our guy that was in charge of it for our Dept. told us that out of the $10 cost of the CD, $5 would go to FDNY. I beleive it also stated it on the brochure, although I could be mistaken. It sounds like someone forgot to tell members of there dept.'s that only 1/2 of the proceeds were going to FDNY. I do know that we were told.
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        It is our understanding from the news that the Secretary of State (Jim Miles) is investigating this incident.


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          Let me reiterate.....The video that came with the information, (which we all had to sit and watch after drill) specifically stated, "...all proceeds will go directly to the FDNY christmas gift. There is no middle man".
          Firediver, yes I agree with you. There may be costs involved and I have no problem with that. (That's why I asked where jdm read it so I can read it for myself.)The guy they had in that video was also very adamant about hurring up and selling them so they could have a check in time to present to FDNY before Christmas. We still have the video that came with it, I remember the guy pushing the CD's reminded me of someone trying to sell Amway products


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            Okay...go to www.fdnychristmasgift.com

            It states that after costs approximately 80 percent of funds raised go to FDNY. JDM, please double check your info and see if it was before or after costs were paid. I hate to see Spartanburg get heat when they were trying to do something good.


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              My information is coming from the Firehouse website. Sorry I didn't post it. Here it is:
              CD Story

              IF there WAS disclosure, it wasn't very noticable. I'll admit, I didn't read the fine print. I also realize that producing this stuff costs money. IF the video stated only 50% goes to FDNY, I'll shut up and rest my case. I do not remember hearing that. It was billed as the most noble project one could imagine. Another question: Is the $5 / CD covering ONLY costs associated with producing? Or was "Christmas Gift 2001" meant to be a South Carolina Christmas gift as well as FDNY?
              Also, would we have participated if we knew only 50% was going to FDNY? Personally, I would have voted NO!


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                My department did not participate in the program, but I helped a friend from a neighboring department sell some of the CDs that they got. I thought $10 was a good deal for the product. If $5 went the the NYC fund, and $5 went into marketing, producing and distributing the CD, that seems reasonable enough.
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                  No...video said "all proceeds go to FDNY"

                  read the article jdm....Now I understand what you're saying. I am not happy. Still glad to contribute though. The "Governor" was very misleading in the video. I wish HE would have researched it better. I don't think our department would have participated either if we knew only 50% was going there. Gee.....I wonder if getting our dept. name on a plaque was all a sham too???

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                    From the FDNY Christmas Gift Website:


                    We have been saddened by stories of victims of the terrorist attack not receiving support from some organizations in a timely manner. This is why "Firefighters Will Be Handling Firefighter Funds". The Spartanburg County Fire Chief's Association (SCFCA) is the official fire service organization sponsoring this special effort. SCFCA has an appointed Trustee Board made up of Fire Chiefs who will oversee all of the monies that are collected from FDNY Christmas Gift 2001. FDNY Christmas Gift 2001 is filed and registered with the South Carolina Secretary Of State's Office under the Solicitations of Charitable Funds Act. We are also requiring an audit at the end of the project.As you have probably seen, with fundraisers in your local community such as gift wrap, the normal percentage of profit is 50% of every dollar. For instance, for every dollar a school sells, the school normally receives around $.50 and the producing company receives $.50: a half and half proposition. With our program, we are pleased that between the sales of CDs, prints, posters, T-Shirts, and other related items, we anticipate that after costs of marketing and production, amounts as much as 80% will go directly to the fund total to be forwarded to the families that we are supporting of the fallen brothers of FDNY. This is unprecedented in product-related fundraising. Cash donations are 100% forwarded to the fund with NO administrative costs. Also, every time a song from this CD is played on radio or television, 100% of the performance royalties are donated to the Trust Fund. We are proud of this, as we are proud to be Firefighters supporting our brothers of FDNY. If you have any further questions, please let us know. We appreciate your questions and comments, and our program is gladly open for full disclosure. Thank you for your support, and PLEASE share FDNY Christmas Gift 2001 with your community. You may contact FDNY Christmas Gift 2001 by email or by telephone. Again, thank you for your support in delivering “America’s Gift” to the families of our brothers of FDNY.

                    From the South Carolina Office of the Secretary of State Website:

                    The following charities have registered since September 11, with the designated purpose of raising money for the victims and heroes of the tragedies.

                    New York Firefighter 9-11 Disaster Relief Fund

                    Face of America, A September 11 Fund

                    Morgan Stanley Victims Relief Fund

                    United for America, Inc.

                    New York Police and Firefighters Widows and Children's Benefit Fund, Inc.

                    Spartanburg County 911 Family Fund

                    White Knoll Middle School Firetruck Fund

                    These charities have filed with Secretary of State Jim Miles to operate as charities and solicit funds in South Carolina for the victims of the New York and Washington tragedies. As new charities, the financial information regarding the amount given directly to the cause will not be available until their annual reports are due. The list above is not endorsed by the Secretary of State.

                    I searched the database of charitable organizations in the Secretary of State website using the Keyword "FDNY". It came back with "No Records Returned" This DOES NOT mean that the fund may not be registered under another name. If so, That name needs to be posted on these boards. This is posted for information ONLY!!!

                    Does anybody know what the total donation has been to date??




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