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Clearing snow for hydrant access

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  • Clearing snow for hydrant access

    I was wondering how different departments or municipalities ensure that hydrants are clear of snow during the winter months. Do you ask land owners to clear hydrants on their property or is this something your municipal outside workers are responsible for? How does your department or town enforce any bylaws or regulations about winter hydrant access?

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    We attach hydrant markers in the fall to make finding a hydrant in the snow easier.

    In our second segment of "The Fire Show" (a public affairs program that we do with the Marlborough Cable Trust about the Fire Department and fire safety), we covered a variety of winter sfatey issues, including keeping fire hydrants clear of snow. I find that a lot of people will "adopt a hydrant" and keep it shoveled out in the winter.

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      We flag them. And when neccessary, clear them ourselves. Fortunately we only have 10 or so to worry about Well, a few more at the jail but the inmates keep those shovelled.

      Most years we don't need to shovel any out; some years I've seen the crew going around with a tractor with a bucket!


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        We have about 100 hydrants in our first due response district. We do make sure that they are cleared of snow after a significant storm.


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          Since our hydrants are maintained by the water department, that means they are shovelled by the water department as well. Two passes with a bucket loader usually does the trick.

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            We have aprox. 100 hydrants in the borough. If needed, we will put together a work detail to clear the hydrants of snow. We try to educate the residents to keep any hydrant on their property cleared. So far, this has worked rather well. We find more cleared than not cleared when we have to go out.

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            Washington Fire Co. #1
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            • #7
              Well, here in Dieppe, I've seen in the past the Full Timers going around checking to make sure the hydrants were cleaned off. If they weren't, the department will call the towns public works and they come out and clean it out with a back-ho. We also ask the public to help us out in shoveling out the hydrants. Of course, the public shoveling is totally voluntary, but appreciated.


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              • #8
                In our area the Fire Department is responsible along with the Public Utilities Department. The Public Utilities will attach florescent markers to the plugs in the fall. During the winter we share the responsiblity with the Public Works. Our department also utilizes a hydrant thawing unit that will clear out frozen plugs.



                • #9
                  With about 350-400 hydrants in our town we do it ourselves.Did it this Sunday after 16 inches of snow took about 3-4 hours to do and sometimes we get lucky and someone did it for us but we do about 95%of them.


                  • #10
                    Speaking as a member of the public with a hydrant on our property, I've always made sure the snow is cleared away. One year the FD rolled past as I was doing it. Got a thumbs-up from the driver. I was ten, and my heroes had just "thumbs-uped" me. I was in heaven, hehe. This year though, I overslept. They had to stop and clear it. My family razzed me about it all day.


                    • #11
                      At school, I have seen the Grounds people clear snow from the hydrants that are on campus. I am not sure about the city.

                      At home, I know that the Water and Sewer department clear around the hydrants. I have seen them out late at night shoveling around hydrants.



                      • #12
                        I just had on the other night that fits in perfect with this topic. We were dispacted to a house fire. Chief got there and noticed that the hydrent had the top of it sticking out of the snow. He cleared it out so we could find it and they when we arrived with the engine, we got a shovel and finished shoveling it out. Then we layed into the fire. And of coures the neighbors asked us AFTER we were done shoveling, "need a shovel?"

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                        • #13
                          The town water dept. marks them for us in the fall and they're responsible for digging them out in the winter

                          Glenn Ralston
                          Bay Ridge Fire-Rescue
                          [email protected]


                          • #14
                            My department has it's company Captains organize work details to clear our 500 plus muncipal hydrants. Department provides lunch, and members get LOSAP points.

                            We don't do private; hydrants, standpipes, post indicator valves, or outside os&ys - we ask the building owners to do that - but they don't.


                            • #15
                              In my department we alpha page to get a crew out to dig out the hydrants if the snow gets to deep, usually we get enough people out for the detail.

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