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Your Work Schedule

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  • Your Work Schedule

    I'm beginning to feel like a firehouse dinosaur - the topic of changing to a different work schedule arises on occasion, Most of the newbies are in favor of the change. Hence my feeling that it's time to move out to the Jurassic Park station!
    Unless someone can tell me otherwise, Our Three 10hr. days, Three off, Three 14hr.nights, Three off, (IMHO)is the best way to go! I'm Still keeping an open mind but as yet have not heard of a "better" schedule.
    Does anyone have a different schedule that you think is an improvement, or can share your experience of changing schedules

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    I know you like the 9 straight day shifts off, but you have to look at the quality of the days off when you come home from those busy night tours. We used to do the 10/14's, but we did 2 10's then off 48 then 2 14's then off 72. We changed to 24/72's in January of 1999. It is the best schedule by far.

    I know you are going to say but then I have to go back to work every fourth day but it is well worth it. For one thing, I am always assured of having at least 2 days off on any given weekend(I count Friday's). If I work Friday, then I have off Saturday and Sunday. If I work Saturday, then I have Friday and Sunday off. If I work Sunday, I have Friday and Saturday off.

    The quality time you get to spend with your family is better. If you don't have a family, then your time working a second job is also much better. Those 3 days off are nice 3 days off, not stop everything at 3:30 so I can get ready for work the night shifts.

    The only city I know of in NJ that still does your schedule is the City of Plainfield and they are switching to 24/72's.

    As far as you moving out to the Jurassic Park station, don't do it. My father, a 35 year veteran who is still on the job, worked 10/14's for the first 33 years. He said he was dead against the 24/72's when it was proposed. He loves it now.

    As far as changing schedules, it was an easy changeover. It occurred on 1/01/99. Now what is going to happen is one tour is going to get screwed and not have 72 hours off(only 48). But on the other hand one tour is not going to get screwed and is going to have 96 hours off. This is a wash which is usually agreed upon between the union and the city.

    In my honest opinion, there is nothing better than a 24/72.

    Kevin M. Fitzhenry, [email protected]
    Firefighter, Truck Co. 2
    City of Bayonne (NJ) FD


    • #3
      Man, I'd go nuts if I had to come off our 24/48 schedule. BUT, I guess there are advantages to other schedules. I'll admit I'm spoiled to the 24/48 since I have a side business. I wouldn't want to have to work a night shift (I'm sure they would make us stay up all night) and work mybusiness the next day.


      • #4
        I work on a 9 day rotation. basically the way it works is (there is no easy way to explain this),on 24, off 24, on 24, off 24, on 24, then off 4 days. It sounds screwed up but I like it for the 4 straight days off and the days in between.


        • #5
          A couple of comments and a couple of questions.
          Kevin; did everyone that wasn't entirely sold on the 24/72 come around?(come on it's the firehouse - everyone has something to say! I was just ticking off that schedule on a calendar, It does have it's merits. Were any changes made for overtime shifts?
          About the other postings; are your schedules pretty much what everyone else works in your region of the US?

          [This message has been edited by Lt Luke (edited 01-01-2001).]


          • #6
            I perfer the 24/48 schedule. It gives you time to have another job or more family time which is more important than anything


            • #7
              I work 24/72 like the other guy on this thread. How can anybody compare 24/48 to that?
              24/48=56hour work week.
              1on,1off,1on,1off,1on,4 days off= 56 hour work week.
              Both of those are 3 platoon (shifts)systems.

              24/72 is a 4 shift system, a 42 hour work week. Changing over to a 42 hour week is a major layout for any dept. though, you need almost another whole shift of people.


              • #8
                We work a nice 24 hr. schedule. One on, one off, one on and 5 off. You never work an entire weekend, it works out to be 42 hours per week in an 8 week rotation. This is a great rotation. Take a week's vacation, get 13 days off. 2 weeks = 21. 3 weeks = 30. It's nice to have teh time off all at a whack.

                I brought this up in another thread. It goes alond with what RS-1alum said. Why should I hasve to work a 50+ hr. per week schedule when everyone else in the country works roughly a 40 hour week plus optional overtime? I don't want to give up time with my friends and, more importantly, my family. No one can ever give me an explanation for giving up the time.

                I didn't do it, nobody saw me do it. You can't prove anything.


                • #9
                  Like FD111, we work the 3 out of 5(24 on 24 off) and then 4 days off style. I love it the 4 days off is like a mini vaca.. And when you take 3 days off for vacation it works out as 2 weeks off.

                  Eddie C. - a.k.a - PTFD21
                  ECarn21's Homefire Page
                  Local 3008
                  "Doin' it for lives n' property"


                  • #10
                    Where I work we work the 24/48 system, but the new advantage for us is we have a 48 hour work week. This is gained by a kelly day every third week. For example, I will not work any tuesday this year.

                    No matter what the schedule it still beats 9-5 for 5 straight.

                    Watch your brother and stay warm.


                    • #11

                      As with anything in the fire service, you are not going to please everyone. But I would guess conservatively that ovr 99% on the are in favor of 24/72's.

                      As far as OT, the OT is still either a 10 hour OT shift or a 14 OT shift. The reason for this is so that the OT is spread around to more members.

                      As far as vacations, we get 3 vacation periods a year. They are comprised of four 24 hour periods off in a row. This works out to 19 straight calendar days off for every period. Can't see how you beat that.

                      Kevin M. Fitzhenry, [email protected]
                      Firefighter, Truck Co. 2
                      City of Bayonne (NJ) FD


                      • #12
                        We worrk 24on, 24off, 24on, FIVE DAYS OFF!!!!!! I must say those 24 on are killers sometimes but that 5 day vacation is never far away. I've also noticed that a 24 hour shift creates a really tight group of firefighters that works very well together.

                        Walk with God and never walk alone.


                        • #13
                          Lt. Luke,

                          I am with cffdff26.I work 24/48 with a 21 day Kelly Day. So, I will not work any Friday in 2001.It is an about 9 days a month.


                          PROUD, PROFESSIONAL, PROGRESSIVE

                          Montgomery County Division Of Fire/Rescue Services
                          Member IAFF Local 1664
                          [email protected]


                          • #14
                            We do 10/14. I hate it. I would LOVE to have 24/72. I don't know how to explain it but you have to see L.A.co FD. Shifts. Its on there web page. I would love that.


                            • #15
                              Lt. Luke our 10/14 go: M day, T day, Thur Night, Fri night, 3 days off start again on tues.


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