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Mutts in Action...FDNY Memorial Ripped Off

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  • Mutts in Action...FDNY Memorial Ripped Off

    I never cease to be amazed at how low some Mutts will go to hurt the Brothers. I hope the scumbags responsible are caught quickly and brought to justice.

    NEW YORK _ In the days after Sept. 11, the surviving members of an East Village firehouse retrieved a badly damaged door from their truck near Ground Zero.

    The firefighters placed the door and pictures of their six fallen comrades outside their E. Second St. headquarters.

    Neighbors came to pay their respects, surrounding the still-red door with flowers, cards and candles.

    Last week, the 5-by-7 foot piece of metal that had so helped the healing process, was suddenly gone _ stolen, said the men of Engine 28/Ladder 11.

    "I'm enraged," Firefighter Phil Tesoriero, 32, said Saturday. "The outpouring of the neighborhood was incredible. One swine had to come along and ruin it."

    "It was from the back of the truck, it was all mangled. It had Ladder 11 written on it," said Firefighter Jim Kelly, 39. "The truck was blown up, cut in half, set on fire and crushed in the rubble."

    The truck was found on West St. near the south tower. So far, the remains of three of Ladder 11's firefighters have been recovered.

    Along with the door, the men also retrieved a partially melted and badly charred metal panel that had been attached to the side of the truck.

    That 8-foot-long panel _ it's also emblazoned with "Ladder 11" _ remains, probably because it has been bolted to the outside of the firehouse.

    The firefighters say they have no idea who took the door. All they know is when they opened the firehouse Thursday morning, it was gone.

    Since the theft, they've kept a large Maltese cross they built and decorated with photographs of their dead friends inside, fearing it too could be stolen. The cross was inside the night the door was taken.

    And they're hoping a little publicity means whoever took it will be shamed into bringing it back.

    "The guy who has it, when people find out he has it," Tesoriero said, "I think they'll rat him out pretty quick."


    (c) 2002, New York Daily News.

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    It is disgusting to think that some lowlife would steal that door. If this slimeball gets caught, I'd like to see the Brothers from Ladder 11 "bring him to justice."

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      That Bag of Crap should hang from a flagpole along with the other Bag of Crap bin Laden!!!

      Either that or bring back the public stockades. But put in front of the firehouse instead of a courthouse.

      The bastards will rot!!
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        Looks like the city is gettin back to normal?


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          Someday this guy is going to show off his trophy to someone. I just hope that someone has the decency to drop a dime on him.


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            When they catch up to this person or persons they should tie them out front of the Fire house for a week or so. Wanna bet after about a day they won't want to steal anything again. Of course they could always use them as bumper guards for the Fire Trucks. After about one trip I'd bet they'd never try that again.


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              I say when the culprit(s) are caught that they are taken to an IAFF Local #94 association meeting to let the brothers take care of business themselves.


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                When the person or persons are caught i hope that they go "Medevial on they ***" Pulp Fiction-style!


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                  Three words: Get a Rope!
                  We gotta be nuts...we're running in when the rats & roaches are running out!

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