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A WTC Memorial

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  • A WTC Memorial

    If you are interested in seeing that a Memorial be placed at Ground Zero, without commercial buildings, please go to:

    A WTC Memorial

    I am absolutely appalled by Larry Silverstien!

    He and his small minded consortium are already seeing $$$$ in the making, while bodies are still being recovered at Ground Zero!
    This is a disgusting outrage, and the American people shouldn't be afraid to speak up about this. (You can see I'm obviously not.)

    To place another money making entity at the WTC site is to desecrate the very grounds that became the end of life's journey for so many innocent people.
    We are proud Americans! How do you think we would look to the rest of the world if we just build over what is now proclaimed as the most infamous site in todays history?
    Americans would never hang their heads in shame, but I have to tell you, this just might do it.
    It should remain a memorial site and take it's rightful place in American history.

    In as much as I understand that replacing the towers would show our defiance and strength, I also feel that by turning the grounds into a memorial would show our enemies how much value and respect the Western Culture has for human life.
    There is plenty of commercial space available in NY, so it's not as if the City will lose out on profit making opportunities.
    Even without the towers, we will prove our strength and determination! We gave the terrorists a hint of it already!
    This petition will be hand delivered to Mayor Bloomberg's office, Governor Pataki's office, and when I find the name and address of the planning committee for the former WTC site, they will also receive a hand delivered copy. Plans to deliver the petition will be March 11, exactly 6 months to the day.

    To EMT's and Paramedics

    "Please except my apologies for not including EMT's and Paramedics. This petition was written while still full of emotions at the end of September.
    I should have waited until all my thoughts were clear before writing the petition, but I didn't. I have tried to get the support team of Petition Online to let me edit the petition, but they have a policy to not allow any editing for fear of legal ramifications from those that signed the original petition.
    Today, I realize many people were 'heroic' that day. Many of the people that worked inside the towers were as well.
    I am a retired EMT-P from Bucks County, so I can empathize with you, and how you must feel not seeing any mention of EMT's.
    My heart was in the right place at the time, but I guess my brain wasn't.

    Please pass this message on to others, or if you have a website, feel free to add this message or just the link to the petition.

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    Okay,While We Need A Memorial,I Think It Can Be Done Better Then Your Idea.What We Need To Do Is Build The Towers Again Maybe Even Higher And With The Memorial Build It Into The Building,While This Is Not MY Idea,Because My Mom Thought It Up,Thats What I Think Should Be Done.
    Do not fear to step into the unknown...for where there is risk, there is also reward.


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