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First tools off on a working fire?

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  • First tools off on a working fire?

    I was curious as to what tools you like to come off with when on the first in engine or truck company?

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    I'm on a volunteer department and usually have the same five men on the engine at night. Officer(me) takes a haligan bar, FF1 flat head axe and a hand light, FF2 pick head axe and a 6 foot pike pole FF3 nozzle. Some assighments may vary due to conditions and what necessary tasks need acomplished.

    The views here are mine and do not reflect that of my department or any of it's members.


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      First Engine

      Officer supervises, calls for particular size line and takes a handlight.
      FF 1 takes the nozzle and 50' of hose.
      FF 2 takes enough hose to allow FF 1 to reach fire floor
      FF 3 is the pump operator.

      First Truck

      Officer supervises and takes irons and a handlight.
      FF 1 takes a 6' hook, a 2 1/2 gallon water can, and a handlight. FF 1 and officer are inside team.
      FF 2 takes a 6' hook, a halligan and a handlight and is the outside vent man.
      FF 3 is the chauffeur and will ladder the building with aerial and/or portable ladders. May also team up with OVM and go to roof with roof saw.

      Kevin M. Fitzhenry, [email protected]
      Firefighter, Truck Co. 2
      City of Bayonne (NJ) FD

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        Each firefighter is supposed to take a hand tool (axe, halligan, pike pole) with them when the enter the structure, along with the line. I prefer to take the halligan bar for its multi uses. Besides, I always sit on that side of the apparatus and get to it first!

        **The preceding comments in no way represent the views of my department, its members, or associations that it may belong to.**


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          In all seriousness, my MIND is the tool that I want to come off the truck with me first. When we pull up to a structure, I want to see if it's a ranch, a split-level, a commercial building.....you get the drift. I don't want to get caught up in the excitement of the moment, I want my brain engaged and working on ways in and ways out. But as a rule, I usually grab three things on my way in to the structure, a hand-light, a flat-head ax and the haligan.

          **my remarks in no way reflect the policies of my department or association or district**


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            My engine makes a structure fire just about every shift, but its not uncommon to make 2-3 in a 24 hour period. If I am acting Lieutenant, I want my brain with me and a pick-head axe. The Firefighter has the nozzle,and we make entry. Every situation is different, but thats it for a first in structure, a pike pole would probably come off if it looked like extension not the attic already. It's hard to make do with just 3-man companies, but we get the job done.

            Any Opinion expressed, are my own, and do not reflect my Department...RB


            • #7
              Engine; Halligan, 8 LB flathead, 6' hook and the can. Remember to bring hose.

              Truck; Halligan, 8 LB Flathead, Hydroram, Hook long enough to make the ceiling and the thermal Camera. 8 LB pick LA Trash Hook 8' and the saw to the roof. Bring ladders.

              Remember Buildings burn down. Don't be in it when it does.

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                A.4. First Due Engine Company
                Equipment- All personnel must wear full PPE, in IDLH atmospheres, SCBA must be used and PASS devices activated. The crew must carry handlight(s), a portable radio, tools, hose, and other equipment appropriate for the structure's construction and operational tactics.

                So, First Due, my job is to bring the water(hose) and, anything else the officer wants.

                E.3. First Due Truck Company
                Equipment- All personnel must wear full PPE, in IDLH atmospheres, SCBA must be used and PASS devices activated. The crew must carry handlight(s), a portable radio, tools, hose, and other equipment appropriate for the structure's construction and operational tactics.

                So, First Due, Irons, Hydra-Ram, Thermal Imager, maybe Da Can, and a Pike Pole. I like to bring a lot to the front door so I know it is close. And anything else the officer wants.

                A.4. and E.3. are verbatim from Montgomery County Fire Rescue Commission P&P 24-07 AM Section 5 Initial Operations IV Structure Fire Assignment


                Montgomery County Division Of Fire/Rescue Services
                Member IAFF Local 1664
                [email protected]


                • #9
                  On my dept. both cross lays are taken off by the 4 men in the back. The incident commander (in front) grabs the positive pressure fan on the way up to the structure. The driver is pump operator. Then when the second truck arrives axes and all other needed materials come off.


                  • #10
                    When minimully staffed:
                    Engine 3 FFs
                    Officer: Radio, Light possibly FE tools
                    Driver: Pump Operator
                    FF: Stretches attack line

                    Anybody above helps stretch line and one FF will bring FE tools and one to layout.

                    Truck 4 FFs
                    Officer: Radio, Halligan Light
                    Driver: Throws Ladders, acts as an outside vent man, possibly roof man
                    FF: Forcible Entry (Irons Hydra Ram)
                    FF: Hook and a Can
                    Two FFs and Officer act as the search team.

                    Anybody else above this takes tools for other various truck duties and assumes some of the responsibilities (OV, etc) as mentioned above.


                    • #11
                      Engine- attack line, raido, hand lights, irons, and possibly a second line if enough manpower.

                      Truck- LADDERS, radio, light, irons, hook&a can, saws and hooks for roof vent if needed.


                      • #12
                        We typically only have minimium stafffing of 3 on our engines. The driver is the pump operator (much like anywhere). His first job is to establish a water source. Officer does a size up with 360 if able. He usually takes a pick head. The back step gets the hose line and I usually grab either Haligan and flat head or closet pike (depends on construction type, etc..)I also carry a truckmans axe on my gut belt. Our second due engine or truck is usually right in our mirror. One of our rules is when you get off the truck always have a tool in hand.

                        Fishers Fire Dept.
                        Local 416


                        • #13
                          Off the engine:

                          1.All firefighters in turn-outs.
                          2.SCOTT pack 2.2
                          3.Depending on the incident 1 man will grab the "irons" (halligan bar+ either pick head or flat head axe)
                          4.Hose line 1 3/4 or 2 1/2 depending on incident.


                          • #14
                            Were a Volunteer Dept. so usually for a working fire there's about 7 trucks there all at once. Usually though that first engine out would have a full crew : 6.
                            Here are the usual this people grab:

                            Officer - FE Tools, Radio
                            Driver - Pumps Truck, Radio
                            FF1 - 100 Ft. 1"3/4 Line
                            FF2 - Other Ax
                            FF3 - Closet Hook, or Pike Pole
                            FF4 - Assts. Other FF's In Their Work.
                            ***** All men have packs on


                            • #15
                              It doesn't get much easier than this folks

                              Engine: Officer- Bar and balls

                              Lineman- Pipe, balls

                              Layoutman- flake it out, balls,

                              Engine Company...don't get too involved with trendy equipment, stay traditional, get in and put it out.

                              Truck: Buckets and shovels..clean up the mess we just made.

                              Rescue Squad: Capes, tights, and just stay out of the way

                              Remember!!! Water is the most essential tool!!! Everything else is secondary



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