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Time to Research Buying a Quint

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    ...Same goes for the 58 year old with 1 year left before he retires whose been on an Engine

    Oh man, I know the feeling...

    Our what you call R&D guy is a ROADy.

    We need them old timers, but some are a stubborn as a mule. To be fair to them though, I used to be too...

    I could tell you some stories-but why give you ammo to pummel me with later?

    C'mon man I don't mind swapping I did something stupid stories.

    One night when I was younger, responding to an auto alarm I tell the engineer "eh, just spot the truck right here" and he said "are you sure" and I said "yeah, I'm sure." "OK, you da boss."

    And ol' mongo steps out of the truck to the longest first step I think I ever stepped, it seemed like I fell forever into that bar ditch I missed when we was rolling up...

    M G

    Anything that you got that might help.

    OK, let me see what I can root up. May take a day or so.

    What can I do to try and convince them?

    OK, you lost me. Are you trying to convince them you need a quint or "how much" of a quint you need?

    Should I go out to the area and measure things like roads, driveways, setbacks etc..if so in what manner would I want to do this and what types of measurments are important?

    You're over my head here, don't know about the measurements and how to do all that stuff. That's what pencil pushing engineers are for. They can look at your performance based specs that say:

    "The apparatus shall be able to turn from a 28' roadway into an 14' alley without having to do wye turn" or something similar and tell you whether they can do it or not.

    Apparatus that were spec'd with a turning radius that was correct for a city's smallest turns and cul-de-sacs, but that can't actually make these turns or cul-de-sacs are all over the place because the truck is X' longer in the front and X' more in the rear. Consequently the truck can't make the turns if there is a car, fence, wall or anything higher than a curb because the bumper will hit it.

    Have the local reps bring a demo to you, or find a fire truck, delevery truck or something that is big enough to simulate your quint and drive it around and see how it goes.

    [ 12-31-2001: Message edited by: mongofire_99 ]

    It's only my opinion. I do not speak for any group or organization I belong to or associate with or people I know - especially my employer. If you like it, we can share it, you don't have to give me credit. If you don't, we are allowed to disagree too (but be ready to be challenged, you may be on to something I'm not). That's what makes America great!


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      Happy New Year

      Thaks for the info so far guys.

      If any of you have ideas for websites besides the manufacturers where I can see some good ideas, please post them. All the data I can collect helps.


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