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"The Last Alarm"--I thought this was awesome!

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  • D Kelly
    One of the best firefighting poems ever penned.
    The author is Jim Martinez, retired IAFF 7th Dist. Vice President. He wrote it about 20 years ago, I believe. Check out this version we're working on for our website (Please Jim, sue Merlin and not me )The Last Alarm

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  • SmokeJockey
    started a topic "The Last Alarm"--I thought this was awesome!

    "The Last Alarm"--I thought this was awesome!

    The Last Alarm

    My father was a fireman,
    He drove a big red truck.
    And when he'd go to work each night,
    He'd say "Mother wish me luck"

    Then dad would not come home again,
    till: sometime the next day.
    But the thing that bothered me the most,
    Was the things some folks would say.

    "A fireman's life is easy,
    He eats and sleeps and plays.
    And sometimes he doesn't fight a fire
    For days and days and days"

    When I first heard these comments,
    I was too young to understand.
    Cause I knew, when people had troubles
    Dad was there to lend a hand.

    Then my father went to work one day,
    And he kissed us all good-bye.
    But little did we realize that night,
    we all would cry.

    My father gave his life that night,
    When the floor gave way below.
    And I wondered why He'd risk his life,
    For someone that he didn't even know.

    But now I realize,
    The greatest gift a man can give,
    Is to lay his life upon the line,
    So that someone else might live.

    So as we go from day to day,
    And we pray to God above.
    Say a prayer for your local fireman,
    He may save the ones you love.

    Author: Unknown

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