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    Here is a real easy one thats always good for a laugh, put baby powder or whatever you want on top of the cieling fan blades in victom's room and when he turns it on ,it will go everywhere,


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      well, one of the juniors got a little mouthy, so we told him to "run" start the K12 saw. let me just say it was funny as hell watchin him run in circles around the parkin lot spinnin the blade on the ground and pullin the cord like there was no tomorrow. i don't think he'll ever live that one down.
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        I agree that messing with someone's bunker gear is definately off limits, but there are plenty of other things to do.

        A department I ran with for a number of years used to stand by for a neighboring dept on the night of their annual banquest, and they returned the favor. Well, one year, we got our hands on some magnetic signing, and a large plywood sign.

        We changed the writing on the side of their ambulance to read as our dept's station 2 ambulance

        We also hung the plywood sign on the roof, declaring their sttion to be our station 2

        Another neat trick involves a litre bag of salin, suction tubing, and a little bit of engineering. The bag goes under the front wheel of the rig, and the tubing is worked up the wheel well, and through the firewall, and up under the steering wheel. When the rig moves forward, the driver is 'hosed'.

        This is not good if you are going on a call, but if it is practice nite.......... well... it can be fun.

        James A. Baleno
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          One that has seen some use in my dept is during a training where your c-spining and backboarding a fellow FF, usually one u wanna get back @ or who is deserving, is to strap em and tie the hands (say that your showing how its supposed to be done, by the emt exam books) then lean the board against the wall, turn out the lights, AND LEAVE! only for a few mins, @least until they've called for help for sometime. This was done several years ago by some of the explorers @ the time to a pain in the *** member, he was leaned outside of the window of the chief's office for about a half hour before the chief saw him. its funny, cruel, and direct. a perfect ff prank
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            Certain types of high expansion foam work wonders when placed in the toilet tank
            Busy polishing the stacked tips on the deckgun of I.A.C.O.J. Engine#1

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              A number of years ago in one of our stations the fellows took a rather sound sleeping (snoring)fellow, that happened to be VERY superstitous, and place him and his bed at the head of a grave in the small cemetary across that street. ***WOW*** When he woke up he was not real happy...
              Always remember the CHARLESTON 9

              Captain Grant Mishoe, Curator of History
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                Sometimes, you have to match the prank to the person...

                A few years back, we had a chief engineer that was an absolutely dyed in the wool Dodge fan. He was the type that would rather walk than ride in another make of vehicle. VERY vocal about his disdain for other makes. Nobody missed the opportunity to give him a hard time about this.

                We had a car (Chevrolet)hit a pole across from the firehouse one evening and a hubcap from the car ended up on the station apron. It floated around the firehouse for a few weeks. Finally some smartass decided that the time was right. The Chevy Bow-tie emblem was pried from the hubcap and firmly affixed to the chief engineers helmet front(with the help of a little bit of RTV).

                Now the fun begins...

                For weeks, It goes unnoticed by our victim. But he can't seem to figure out why everytime he talks to somebody face to face on the scene, They have a smirk on their face or just walk away busting a gut laughing. Our members, mutual aid companies, state troopers, sheriff's deputies, doesn't matter. Everyone he seems to come in contact with that knows him, they nearly die laughing. Amazingly, Nobody clued him in on the joke.

                Then...one day we return from a call and while we are hanging up our gear, the same smartass (in the presence of a large crowd)makes a comment about the victims change in brand loyalty at about the sametime the victim hangs the helmet up on the hook, and the bow-tie emblem catches his eye.

                The cussing out that we got that day was absolutely priceless. He just starts to wind down and starts to remove the emblem and someone lets it out that it has been there for several weeks. It dawns on him that this is the reason for all the smirks and laughter in his presence for the last few weeks...and the cussing began once again.

                Years later, the simple mention of the bow-tie emblem will have half of the company in tears.

                It was the right joke for the right victim.

                Stay Safe,

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                  Get out your high pressure air lift bags. Stack two under one side of someones bed between the mattress and the box spring. Run the air lines so they can't be seen. When the person goes to bed(after thier asleep) fill the bags and listen for the thud of them hitting the ground. This works great on probies.
                  If your going to cry about doing the job you signed up for do us all a favor and quit, there are plenty of dedicated people standing in line for the best job in the world.



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                    Loosen all the nuts and bolts so that when the guy gets into bed the bed falls apart, thats always good.


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                      pop goes the....

                      put empty pop/cola cans under each of your targets bed post/legs (so that they support the bed). When your target goes to bed, and the lights are off in the bunk room, he is in for a suprise. The bed will come crashing down.


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                        Being the fun loving, caring individuals they we firemen are... well we all know that we must help each other out once in a while. One, one only one, of our fellow brothers rides a Kawasaki (the rest ride harley's). I think most that ride have experienced pushing it to the limit and riding the reserve just a little to far; either just making it or just missing the next gas station. Several of us happened to be riding one afternoon when the gentleman riding the Kaw ran out of gas... well this sparked an good practical joke.

                        Most of us rode to work and on this particular day it started raining, fortunately we have enough space in the apparatus bay to put the bikes to get them out of the weather. For those that ride we know that anything other than a Harley is generally referred to as a "Rice Burner" I think you see where we are going here...


                        When the crew went to the grocery store to get the days meals they pick up a couple extra bags of rice. One bag went in his sattle bags (extra fuel), the other we packed into the exhaust pipes. When he went out the next morning to start his bike we all found an excuse to be in the bay to watch. Well I think you can imagin what happened, yes it blew rice every where. We cleaned rice out of hosebeds and the bay for what seemed like a month.


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                          Usually when we do immobilization training, we have a few guys who never seem to have a problem releasing gas.

                          We usually use a new person, or someone who's unusually mouthy as the victim. Once they are fully immobilized, these guys will squat down and let rip, then everyone leaves the room and shuts the door leaving the victim helpless in the stench.

                          Just keep an eye that they don't actually vomit as I'm sure you know some of them can be nasty!!!



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                            You younguns are bad, so I guess you won't mind these few beauts!

                            #1)-Had a guy deathly afraid of roaches (we were ghetto FF's) he put his bunk legs in four water-filled cans to prevent intrusion. We promptly filled his bunk with as many little suckers as we could find. Hell of a roar in the middle of the night?

                            #2)-Stretch a garden hose up the pole hole to the bunk-room on a night tour. Tuck it under the springs and over the foot end of the mattress facing the head. Wait for a late run or job, upon returning wait on the apparratus floor for the victim to go sleepies........then pour it on, ......and run like hell!

                            #3)-Borrow a pleasant harmless Boa, slip it in the sheets, wait for the response. Please be sure to use a small Boa!

                            #4)-Black shoe polish on the ear end of a phone, call the victim as to a personal call coming in......used mainly for those that monopolize your phones.

                            #5)- Tie shoelaces together while member is sleeping....unless they sleep with bunker boots??????

                            Let me work on it, in 26 years I'm sure I can come up with a few more! It's good to see we're all laughing instead of fighting.

                            "All gave some...Some gave all!"
                            9/11/01 Lest we forget!
                            "All gave some...Some gave all!"
                            9/11/01 Lest we forget!


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                              The funniest prank I ever saw

                              I worked with a guy who took some of those little colored pills that are used to dye easter eggs. He unscrewed the shower head and put some inside. When someone takes a shower they come out red, green or blue or whatever color you put inside.
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                                ...Being a cadet/exploroer practical jokes are not really a problem now but I have had a few, I ticked off one of the other explorers earlier that day and so they had the awesome idea to put ice in my boots and later that day the ice had melted a bit and now it was just ice water and tones droped and slide my feet into the boots and felt a splash, geeez it was cold.


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