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San Fran FD...what's up with them?????

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  • San Fran FD...what's up with them?????

    I was wondering what the different colors painted on some of the San Francisco FD helmets. I also noticed that they don't wear bunker pants or even boots. It seems like the just fight fires in their station boots and pants. Just wondering if anyone had any info on that.

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    I don't know tons of details, but I know that the red and white helmet color is for truckies. San Fran is one of the few departments in the US now that doesn't require members to wear bunker pants for certain jobs.

    There are several members of SFFD here. Tailboard Jockey is a good guy, I'm sure he'd be more than happy, willing, and able to fill you in on any details you want to know.
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      "There are several members of SFFD here. Tailboard Jockey is a good guy, I'm sure he'd be more than happy, willing, and able to fill you in on any details you want to know."

      Thanks Bucks, but I don't work for SFFD. I work for Milpitas FD, on the northern border of San Jose. We're on the Oakland side of the bay.

      I believe Truck12Tillerman works for SFFD, I'm sure he can help with the information.

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        The helmets have different colors to diferentiate between jobs.
        Red and White: Truckman
        Black: Engineman
        Black and White: Rescue Squad
        White: Chief
        Blue: Arson

        We still don't wear bunker pants if we don't want to. We have wool pans with steel toe boots. This is going to chainge within a few weeks though. We are going to go to full bunker gear and hoods very soon. Hope this helps. Happy Holidays!


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          what they said ;-)

          As far as I am concerned, we should not have to wear either bunkers or hoods, but since our new "chief" is a safety freak we have to...

          Although, he IS at LEAST doing something. I just wish it was something that made sense, and made better use of our limited monies...


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            Truck 12, I am amazed you guys don't wear bunkers! I know Chicago will still issue 3/4 boots if you ask for them, but no bunkers at all? I'm not knocking you, I just never knew... Questions, 1. how does the wool do in high heat? 2. does the dept. frequently have burn injuries? 3. does the rest of the dept. share your sentiments in not wanting to go to bunkers? 4. do you currently have issued bunker pants? 5. what jobs will now be required to wear bunkers?
            I am very interested in this topic! I myself would want the bunkers. Although I can also see where it would be nice to be on the roof ventilating in something more comfortable than bunkers. P.I. 's would be nice not wear bunkers on also! Let me know, I'm interested! Thanks!


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              Tillerman, I hope you don’t mind if I take this one? Shed376, here are some personal thoughts to your questions:

              1. How does the wool do in high heat?

              Sometimes it gets hot, but you find out your limitations through experience. The wool does not offer the protection bunker pants do, but there are advantages to the wool. The wool is more maneuverable and less restrictive. It is far cooler than the bunker pants. The station boots are far better to work in. Particularly on a peaked roof and ladders.

              2. Does the dept. Frequently have burn injuries?

              No we don’t. The wool works better than you think.

              3. Does the rest of the dept. share your sentiments in not wanting to go to bunkers?

              Most don’t want to wear them during the day. They would rather wear the wool for the reasons above.

              4. Do you currently have issued bunker pants?

              Yes. Two pair each. We wear them at night to seep up response time.

              5. What jobs will now be required to wear bunkers?

              I can’t think of any requirement for wearing the bunker pants. From what I understand OSHA is OK with the wool, but the NFPA wants the bunker pants. So, it is up to the administration to decide.


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                you are a wise man staylow
                merry christmas.


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                    The Chicago Fire Department does not issue bunker pants to its members at this time. They have talked about it for for a few years, but have not issued any that I know of. There are good arguments for bunkers pants and good ones against them. I personally prefer 3/4 boots most of the time, but I dont mind using bunker pants. We were a little late getting them so I never wore them before. We are technically not supposed to wear 3/4 boots on structure fires, but sometimes "things" happen. I would rather be given the choice of what to wear, but those days are long gone.
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                      Hey Dennis,

                      Yeah, I think OSHA has the leagal athority to make standards, but currently it is the trend to follow the "advice" of the NFPA. It is pretty hard to follow NFPA on some things and not others. For instance; we need to have and spend the $$ on NFPA compliant bunker gear, but OSHA says we only have to wear half of it. And, when it comes to safety "too much" is not enough. We can't be too safe, can we? Stay Safe!!


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                        I was wonder if those wool pants would cause knee burns when conditions require the firefighter to crawl. It just looks like it might be painful. And does anyone know if anyother large departments besides Chichago isn't issuing bunker pants? What about Boston?


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