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Scott Thermal Imaging Camera's

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  • Scott Thermal Imaging Camera's

    I noticed that there is another area to post this, but no one seems to be responding to the post. All I would like to know is what is your thoughts on the Scott Thermal Imaging Camera. We're thinking of purchasing a Eagle One camera from Scott, and I was wondering if anyone has ever had any problems, or have praise for this piece of equipment.

    Thanks for you information.

    Joel Gallant
    Volunteer for Dieppe Fire Department

    If you sent us to HELL, WE'D PUT IT OUT!!

  • #2
    Good luck............I have been trying to get the same info for about 3 months now.

    If I hear anything.....I will let you know



    • #3
      Joel, MtDept. is in process of buying 3 of the Scott Cameras we tested several other brands and the TIC committee founf the scott to be the best ,I will try to gather more info for you.


      • #4
        Well I hope I can give you some help in your purchase(s). We have had the Scott Eagle for 2 yrs now at the station that I volunteer. We are currently the only station in our Township to have a T.I.C. We tested just about every camera that was on the market ( at that time) & found the Scott Eagle to be the best for our needs. It is light, easy to handle & very user friendly. Last month the department that I am paid at purchased 7 MSA 4000's. They have the color option, which our Scott does not, but personally, I find them heavier, and not ergonomically friendly. I'll stick to Scott. Well I hope this helped. Any other questions, feel free to e-mail me: [email protected]
        Stay Safe


        • #5
          We have 2 Scott Eagle TICs -- been in service for about a year. Budget for 2001 includes money for two more. We love em. We also have a 2 yr old ISI Vision TIC. Its still good and effective, but I think the Scott is better. I like the option of using the pistol grip, or just the hand strap on the side. They are very effective during overhaul -- great help in finding hot spots & hidden fires. We have also used them on several occaisions to figure out which light fixture had the bad ballast.

          The only problems we've had are related to mounting/storage of the TICs on two of our engines. These particular rigs have tight 6 man cabs and not much extra room. Currently storing the TIC in the case on the floor (brackets are in the works). Its a pain to open the case and get it out, especially with a full crew. The alternative is to put it in a compartment, but we know that the people will forget about it and not use it.


          • #6
            We purchased our Scott Eagle TIC aprox. 9 months ago. We looked at all major players in this market and chose the Scott. We like to option of the pistol grip or the side mounted handles. We also purchased the external receiver. Inside our rescue, we mounted a small TV/VCR combo and connected the external receiver to it. As the last person exits the rescue, they are responsible to start the VCR recording. We create a tape everytime we use the TIC. It is a great training aid and also allows the IC to "see" what's going on inside from the rescue. Our only complaint is that we only have 1 unit. We have it mounted on a shelf in the engine bay. It has a power conditioner connection that runs through the case and plugs into the camera to keep the battery charged. We have to remember to disconnect the camera and take it with us. (We have plans to purchase a 2nd unit this year.) We also purchased a spare battery and charger and have them mounted on each piece of apparatus.

            Hope this is some help.......


            • #7
              Wow guys thanks for all this wonderful informaiton on the Scott TIC. I've seen it and it is a really good camera. I'll defenetly share this information with my Chief. Thanks again.


              If you sent us to HELL, WE'D PUT IT OUT!!


              • #8
                We bought a Scott camera it it was the best we could find. The transmitter was also really nice. I got a report that the navy did before they bought theres and Scott came in second but it was the best on structure fires. I think its the best camera out there.


                • #9
                  We have had a Scott for just over a year. We love it, and have not had any problems with it. One other feature that we like is the moveable viewfinder. It come in very handy when looking into an attic or other hard to reach area. You do not have to try to put your head through the access hole with the camera. Good Luck


                  • #10
                    There was another post elsewhere in the forum regarding the relationship of Scott and Flir. Seems now that Scott will be marketing the new Flir hand held Microbolometer camera.Kinda funny since they had been selling against Microbolometer technology and will now be offering the Flir version. What will happen to all of you who have Scott Eagles????? Did they ever let you know that they will be introducing a new model with Microbolometer technology??
                    Just wondering what kind of spin Scott will be putting on this. Stay Safe.


                    • #11
                      Our department bought 44 Scott TICs several years ago and I don't know of any problems with them.


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