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    Mumia Abu-Jamal had his death penalty overturned today. I don't know how many of you know about this scumbag mook, especially those that aren't from the east. He shot a cop that pulled his brother over in Philly, and then stood over him and shot him in the face.

    Over the years, this piece of sh*t has accrued quite a following of whiny liberals and banner-holding, anti-police, any-black-arrested-is-a-victim-of-racism warriors.

    Since 1981, when the cop was killed, they have come up with a steady stream of bullsh&t stories, witnesses and fables about how someone else did the killing and Ja-mutt only happened upon the scene just as the cops arrived and somehow caught his dumb-*** kneeling over the dead cop, "rendering aid". They obviously didn't want aid rendered because they shot and wounded him. A little better aim and we wouldn't be talking about and funding his worthless ***.

    However, somehow this skell has become a liberal icon and has been embraced by the usual suspects (Sarandon, Asner and the Anti-death penalty idiots) as well as the MTV generation, who apparently believe that this skell was framed. They refer to him as a political prisoner and weep for his life to anyone who will listen.

    Check out FREEMUMIA.COM to see some of the liberal crap that is out there. You can also be treated to Ja-mooks theories on the 9/11 events and the subsequent war. Even as a political prisoner and oppressed victim, he has managed to assemble quite an education, (at our expense), and now has all the answers to what is wrong with the US and how we are ruining the world.

    How about tossing some e-mails around, or some letters to elected officials, so that the Sharpton/Jackson/Sarandon cronies don't let this piece of sh#t walk.

    I saw you guys go off on the buff network from Maryland for posing at the WTC... and that wasn't even in this class. How about some REAL venom.


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    A piece of garbage. He should burn in hell.
    Kevin M. Fitzhenry
    Captain, Rescue Company 1
    City of Bayonne (NJ) Fire Department


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      I'll donate to the Police Marksmanship Program. A little better aim(or maybe a few dozen more shots) would have solved the problem before it was a problem.


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        Unfortunately, we've had this story forced on us over and over again throughout the years. The Beastie Boys even had a concert to help raise funds for his defense - and to think I used to like the Beastie Boys. You hit it right on the head southbronx. This guy is nothing but a scumbag, user of the messed up system, who can't stand up like a man and accept the consequences for his actions.

        Stay Safe


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          Oh my.....how villians can become culture icons in an instant. Reminds me of a case we had here in the city not to long ago where a known junky-cop assulting dope head, was pulled over by 2 police officers. Long story short....Junky is now dead and cops were in prison. You guys may remember this case MALICE GREEN. Now there are shrines for this junky on the street corner where he was killed. Its about 4 blocks from my house in Detroit and it sickens me when I drive by it. Since when do junkies become heros and since when do cop killers get a platform to elicit pity from the population. I know plenty of families (including my own) who have lost police officers and when do they get to speak??? They dont for its people like Mumia Abu-Jamal and Malice Green who soak up the stage with their calls of injustice. Pardon me I feel the need to vomit.



          [ 12-19-2001: Message edited by: UNIONPROUD ]

          Go raibh maith agat Go gcuire Dia an t-ádh ort! Dyfal donc a dyrr y garreg!!!!!

          IN MEMORY OF THE "MOOSE" 1974-2002<br />Ni bheidh mo leitheid ar'ris ann.

          Brothers till the end. "If they don't have GUINNESS in heaven we aint goin!"


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            Obviously, Mumia was simply misunderstood as a child.

            Where do I send my donation to the Police Marksmanship Improvement Program??

            Stay Safe



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              My initial message was slightly misleading. The S.I.Q. (skell in question) does not have an opportunity to "walk" at this time...(emphasis on at this time). He merely had his death penalty thrown out because of "improper jury instructions". (cough-cough COP-OUT) This sh%t has been going on for 20 years!

              If an appeal isn't fashioned in the next 90 days (I think), he will be sentenced to life in prison. Where he will be forced to endure his celebrity status and significant money making potential (liberals will buy anyones crap if they think its noble and free-thinking) in a federal home for which each of you pay.

              I don't know how to make a direct link to a story but all of you need to see FREEMUMIA.com in order to believe the crap that is flying around on this cop killers behalf. Personally, if I was an oppressed minority, I would be offended that this common, COP-KILLING thug would place himself in a class with Mandela and MLK.

              As an American who has been directly affected by the recent terrorist attacks, I am disgusted to know that I pay for this skell to live, eat and breath while he spouts off his anti-war BS doctrines from his cozy cell, makes millions in the process, all the while he knowing that he was found guilty and sentenced to die 20 years ago. He is right...what a corrupt nation we live in.

              It is only through the efforts of the chickensh$t Hollywood, self-appointed "Oppression Relief Battalion" and the legions of college kids that listen to constant Liberal-babble in every class that their parents work hard to pay for, that Mookia Abu-Jamutt has managed breath up decent peoples air for this long.... and if they get their way it will be much longer.

              PS: Their latest theory involves a "confession" by a mutt that they claim was hired by CORRUPT COPS. I'm sure the widow is overjoyed to hear this latest slap in her face. "It wasn't the peaceful hippy prophet... it was the PIGS"

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                southbronx -

                Thanks for getting this out there, brother. My dad was a Philly fireman for 30 years, and he was on the job when this scumbag shot Danny Faulkner.

                I'm in a band that donates a large portion of its proceeds from web plays to the Officer Daniel Faulkner Educational Grant Fund. We had a fund-raising concert back in March of this year and raised over $8000.00 for both that fund and the Officer Danny Boyle Fund.

                Jamal should be dead, plain and simple. Anyone who questions that needs to go to www.danielfaulkner.com and read the trial transcripts for themselves. This racist scumbag killed a Philadelphia cop in cold blood and then smiled at the man's widow when the officer's bloody uniform shirt was displayed at trial.
                "Let's roll." - Todd Beamer, one of a group of American soldiers who handed the terrorists their first defeat.

                Joe Black

                The opinions expressed are mine and mine alone (but you can borrow them )and may not reflect those of any organization with which I am associated (but then again, they just may not be thinking clearly).


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                  While I personally would like to see the guy fry maybe there's a little bit of a silver lining to this.

                  Much of the cause celeb has been over the issue of the death penalty and not so much over whether Mumia is guily of murder. Many of the Hollywood celebs have stated this as has Amnesty International and many European groups. So maybe if the guy gets life without parole much of the brouha will die down and Mumia can slip back into obscurity and quietly rot away.

                  Just my .02.



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                    The List

                    Here's a list of supporters of this piece of garbage.

                    We should boycott these mutts!
                    Living the dream...


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                      Thanks for posting the list. After looking over it, I came to the conclusion that I already try not to support these mutts based on other things they have said or done. Knowing their position on this topic has only made me boycott them all the more. Rot in hell Mumia.


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                        Burn in Hell *********. Thats all I have to say


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                          I cannot beleive the amount of energy that has been expended trying to defend a killer. I wonder how many of these a**wipes ever gave a thought about the slain police officer and his family. Tailboard thanks for posting the list.
                          IAFF-IACOJ PROUD


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                            the legions of college kids that listen to constant Liberal-babble in every class that their parents work hard to pay for

                            Try going to school in Taxachussetts!

                            Don't worry though, this college kid has been able to perservere.

                            Fry Mumia!


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                              I thought this was very fitting ...

                              On my way to work this morning, I was behind a tractor-trailer, and where usually you read "wash me" scribed in the dirt on the back of the trailer, it instead said this ...

                              "Let's Roll America" and immediately below that,
                              "Why is Mumia still alive?"

                              Stay Safe


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