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What tools are in your pockets of your fire gear

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  • Captn46
    To Each His/Her Own

    I'm sure each of us have found a combination of tools that work best for what we deal with the most. Here is what works for me.

    On my helmet a streamlight sabre.

    In my coat.
    safety glasses
    folding spanner
    extrication gloves
    nomex hood
    interior gloves on a velcro glove holder
    Streamlight right angel flashlight on a D ring.
    In my pants pockets.
    two wood wedges
    rescue wrench
    spring loaded center punch
    25' kernmantle rope
    wire cutters

    Thats what works for me.

    Stay Healthy and Stay Safe,


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  • Sue6162
    In my coat pockets:
    Radio in the radio pocket
    flashlight on the outside
    Medical shears
    medical gloves
    pen and paper
    2 door chocks
    Tool roll with Adj.wrench,5in1 screwdriver,wire cutters
    2 locking carabiners
    roll of hazard tape
    2 light sticks
    lumber crayon
    1 permant marker
    flash hood
    18' webbing

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    Ok I'll try to make this brief,

    In my bunker paints
    - spare nomex hood
    - 16 foot webing
    - 8 foot rope
    - rope knife
    - medical tape
    - caddy car hood emblem
    - small poweraid drink

    In my jacket
    - radio in radio pouch
    - can opener
    - 50 cents

    On my helmet
    - garrity lite
    - two door stops

    I also have a boxlight around my shoulders, and normaly hook my lapel mic to that. That is about it, I think...

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  • cellblock
    I don't carry anything in my pockets except for my Dept issue radio which goes in it's pocket on my coat.

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  • pumper41
    In my Bunker Jacket pockets:
    Structural Gloves
    Folding Coupling Wrench
    2 Door Wedges

    On my Jacket:
    Pelican SuperSabreLight
    "003" Fire Alarm Indicater Panel Key

    In my Bunker Pants pockets:
    Leather Work Gloves
    2 pr Nitrile Medical Gloves

    I have items like a notebook and pen, HAZMAT guide card etc in a small gear bag that I put on the pumper at the start of shift.

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  • Firefighter1219
    In my pants- Nomex hood, overhaul gloves, extrication gloves, emergency hammer, bottle of water.

    In my jacket- Firefighting gloves, handheld radio, pager, streamlight.

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  • Weruj1
    spare pair of FF gloves, pr of Leather work gloves, Maglite flashlight, Beaner and 1" webbing. I like to travel light.

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    Originally posted by Lonestarfireman
    Whats the golf tees for? I hate to sound like a dumb *** but i gotta know.
    Golf tees are used to plug leaking fuel lines on autos.


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  • 247365
    Bunker Pants, right side:Klien's ("real" lineman pliers), vice-grip pliers, 5-in-one screwdriver, knife

    Bunker pants, left side: 25' rope, spare 2 D cell flashlight, extra pair of FF gloves, small bottle of H2O for drinking

    On take-up straps: Pair of FF gloves, caribiners (2)

    Coat: Streamlight Survivor Flashlight

    Coat, right side: TFT rescue wrench

    Coat, Left side: rescue/extrication gloves

    Coat, radio pocket: nomex hood, and radio w/ speaker mic after hood is put on

    Coat, inside pocket: medical gloves, safety glasses, cell phone (sometimes)

    Helmet: goggles, AA maglite

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  • firespec35
    Ok here we go

    Inside my helmet:
    My nomex

    L Arm Radio Pocket

    Orange tinted safety glasses (Good for night PI's

    Chest Radio pocket:

    Inside coat pocket:
    Flashlight (Small AA type

    Latex Gloves in Pouch

    Turnout pants waist:
    Gerber Multi Tool

    L Bunker Pant Pocket:
    Spyderco Spyderench multi tool
    L firefighting glove
    Mechanix Gloves

    R Bunker Pant Pocket:
    POS serrated Knife (to loan out)
    R firefighting glove
    folding spanner (currently lost have to get new one)

    And Last but not least Duty Pants

    Benchmade 905SBT
    Sony Clie SJ22 (Good for staying awake watching downed lines) (usually comes out for confirmed fire)

    Ok call me gomer but remember I'll be the first one you go to when you need something

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  • stcommodore
    Im just getting started and I had more before this weekends call but I'll say i usually have:

    -safty glasses
    -leather gloves
    -structure gloves
    -med gloves(i ended up with after a call unusued)
    and probaby something im forgetting...ive yet to get a flash lite or anything cool thingy like that. I say give it time I'm not going anywhere God willing.

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    On My New Yorker....Streamlight 4AA LED Flashlight....And A Door Stop

    Jacket...Window Punch,Seatbelt Cutters,Gloves,Hood is Hooked into the strap for infront of your neck on my coat...Leatherman...Medical Gloves...Radio If I'm Not Doing IC And Not Wearing My Jacket..Which Lately Happens Quite Often...

    Pants..Well Rescue Gloves and Rope

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  • CharlieRFDPres
    Thanks CALFFBOU

    My wife walked by as I was looking at the site you gave above, saw the tool roll and Merlin tool, thanks for the extra stocking stuffer's. Brothers and sisters clue your dear ones in, little things like the pocket goodies, contribute to our safety, and most aren't real expensive. Like my sign off says "BE SAFE OUT THERE". Hope everybody has a safe and wonderful holiday season.

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    Lots of goodies here for your pockets-

    Click on the link below-


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  • fire783
    I keep four way screw driver
    wooden wedges
    lineman pliers
    window punch
    flash light
    justable wrench

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