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What tools are in your pockets of your fire gear

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    Easy enough:

    Pants, right side:
    - A pair fire gloves
    - A few small door wedges
    Pants, left side:
    - A pair work gloves
    - A few cribbing wedges
    Jacket, right side:
    - Pelican Stealthlite
    - Pack of gum (for those 2am bad breath calls)
    Jacket, Left side:
    - Paramedic/Trauma shears
    - Two seat belt cutters
    - Cable Cutters
    Jacket, Inside:
    - Pens (inside the pen pocket)
    - Centre Punch (inside the pen pocket)
    - Medic flashlight (to check pupil reaction)
    - At least 4 pares of medical gloves
    - Field Notebook
    Jacket: Radio Pocket
    - 8 channel HT1000 with mic
    - 6 inch strip of masking tape on my right pant leg just above the knee (for taking quick notes)
    - Picture of my family and one of my g/f on the inside of my helmet.
    - A chain with a small Maltese Cross with Saint Florian in the middle. The words "Saint Florian Protect Us." on the front and some special words from my g/f on the back.

    Wow, now that I think about it, I do carry a lot of stuff. It looks like a lot, but it never seams like enough when you need it.
    "No one ever called the Fire Department for doing something smart..."


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      Nomex hood, and tags on my coat.
      Mini-mag flashlite on my helmet.

      -Phillips and flat headed screwdrivers
      -15'work rope
      -pen & pencil
      -Left firefighting glove

      -mints(for those early morning calls)
      -I did have some wedge's but they disappeared
      -Right firefighting glove
      -2 way radio

      -safety glasses
      -mechanix gloves

      -leather gloves
      "Real Heros wear SCBA, Not Capes!"<br />

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        My jacket pockets I carry a Seat belt cutter, Center Punch, Spare Hood, Rubber gloves (FOR EMS) I'm only a cadet so I dont have to worry about them melting in my pockets.. hehehe anyways I have my hood, also Some rope..maybe 3ft? never know might be useful someday... Also my trusty Disposable 35mm Camera... In my Pants pockets I keep another pair of Rubber gloves, Small knife, umm thats about it.. on my helmet I have one of those little cheap flashlights u get for like 3-4 bucks.. Comes in handy... but thats about it....
        New Jersey


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          Whats the golf tees for? I hate to sound like a dumb *** but i gotta know.


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            Any body ever try carrying a few 16 penny hardened concrete nails 3inch. They work great as door chocks if you jamb the point of the nail into a hinge screw head and you don't have to worry about going back for your wood blocks. The nails only cost about$.01 a piece.

            Just my $.02 worth
            Live Life day to day and enjoy it you never know when your time will come due.


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              What Do I have in my pockets?
              In my bunker pants:
              Left side--FF gloves and My flash hood
              Right Side-- Flashlight(water proof of course), search/personal escape rope, spanner wrench, spare gloves, latex exam gloves, door chocks, walkie, personal strobe light.
              In my coat:
              left side--golf tees (hazmat plugs)
              right side--Garraty light(can't have too many lighs!), can of Skoal(gotta have it in a Pinch!)
              On my helmet:
              Gerber multi-tool, strobe flasher, door chock, accountability tag, and another flashlight. plus a whole lot of cool stickers.
              On my "Bat Belt"-- Truckman Axe and a Rhino mini crow bar.

              in case you couldn't tell, I love my tools and use them all the time.


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                helemt: 2 door stops, 4 golf tees(for plugging fuel lines) and a flashlight

                bunker coat: leather gloves for rolling hose, training and bush fires, spanner and pocket knife
                streamlight on utility hook

                bunker pants: belt with crash axe, ems pouch, ringers extrication gloves, leatherman. adjustment straps I hang a pelican light and fire gloves and rescue rope. pockets: second spanner, elevator key, sprinkler wrench with 2 screw-in plugs, hood, pens(for med reports), window punch, 10' webbing. not sure if I can fit anything else
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                  Nothing on the hemet (I did the flashlight thing and you can't see through smoke anyway and the thing got real heavy, real fast)

                  Door wedges in my coat poket (and gloves and flash hood when my gear is hanging on the rack)

                  spanner wrench and 9 ft. piece of rope in bunker pants
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                    On my helmet- a mini maglight

                    bunker coat- Flashlight, fire fighting gloves and hood

                    pants- personal rope, leatherman, door chocks, leather gloves, cotton gloves and a tennis ball(? just found it at a fire)


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                      right coat pocket=latex gloves, tb mask, rubber door stops, window punch

                      left coat pocket=folding knife, rubber door stops, chalk, door chocks

                      right chest pocket=radio, 3d cell maglite

                      right pant pocket=gloves, extra hood, 15 ft rope

                      left pant pocket=extra gloves, 30ft webbing, small towel

                      I like to carry things that will aid my escape or help in the saving of a victim. These things make me feel more prepared and safer.
                      Beat the fire or the Fire Will Beat You!


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                        My brother do to my size I have nothing but lint and ash in my pockets I am assigned to a rescue unit therefore I have everything in my "toolbox" and the some.

                        just my .02 cents

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                          right coat pocket:

                          left coat pocket:
                          fire gloves

                          front coat pocket:

                          left arm pocket:
                          7' tubular webbing in double stiched loops

                          right bunker pocket:
                          pen and pad of paper
                          folding spanner

                          left bunker pocket:
                          overhaul (simple leather) gloves

                          inside helmet:
                          extra hood

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                            Left Coat pocket - Gerber multi tool, golf tees, 4x door wedges, 2x 6ft webbing straps with cam buckles

                            Right Coat Pocket - Gloves, 6" adjustable spanner, snap off knife, shears, Boa Constrictor (these are fantastic for opening or closing just about anything

                            Clipped to jacket - Pelican Super Sabrelight, and most importantly - a whistle

                            Bunker Pants - I wish, they don't give us anything that fancy!

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                              SOME OF YOU WONT MAKE IT BACK OUT!!!!

                              Come on guys and girls In this topic I hardly hear any one say WIRE CUTTERS. You really should carry them

                              My gear consist of a leather NewYorker. Rubber inertube that hold my door wedges,and stream light. Carnes firefighting gogles.

                              In my coat I Carry (Iam left handed) L pocket
                              Rubber door straps
                              golf tees
                              leatherman out of ist case.(I cant work it with my gloves on)
                              R pocket rescue gloves.

                              radio pocket A craftman accucut. Works nice

                              Inside pocket Saftey glasses spare pack of smokes

                              Pants l side 50 ft.escape roap attatched to a beener. Pants r side (2) 14 ft rescue loops each attatched to a beener. I can use these to make a hand cuff knot,rescue harness, Extend my search off a search rope or hose line, use them to drag a down fireman. A fire instructor that taught my fire fighter rescue FRED BALES Central pa. introduced it to me.

                              pant loops Survior light that I wear on my chest strap on my scba. A gloves on the other loop

                              MAKE SURE YOU HAVE WHAT YOU NEED TO GET BACK OUT


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                                left chest pocket radio
                                around my neck knife
                                right pants R glove and door tags
                                left pants L glove and x nomex
                                helmet pelican light
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