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Polticians Playing Reindeer Games

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  • Polticians Playing Reindeer Games

    From a recent set of City Council Minutes in Concord NH.

    "Councilor Brochu brought up the Fire Departments use of the fire engines on rescue calls indicating that he feels very strongly that other vehicles should be purchased for this type of use. Councilor Brochu suggested that the City investigate the purchase of four smaller vehicles, perhaps four wheel drive pickup trucks, which would have equipment on them at all times to be used to accompany rescue vehicles. Councilor Brochu indicated that this would leave the fire apparatus and one fire fighter at the station should a call come in that the fire apparatus vehicle needed to respond to. He further stated that this would seem to be in the best interest of the City as it would reduce wear and tear on the fire apparatus equipment and leave a fire fighter on call to respond to calls as needed. Councilor Brochu indicated that he felt the purchase of these additional vehicles could reduce maintenance and overhead expenses as much as 75%. Councilor Brochu indicated he would like to see this item brought back to Council in the near future."

    Now, a little bit of background info on Concord and their FD. Their department has recently had a series of apparatus problems, which probably promted this thing (I hesitate to call it an Idea). For a period of several days this fall, the city of 40,000 did not have an operational ladder truck, which also would be a first due ladder to an additional 20000-30000 people in neighboring towns. Additionally, this city council elected not to fund money this year as part of a plan to restore an engine to the central station (engine at central taken out in early 90's), even while a department reveiw ranked this pieice as a top priority. For those of you interested in seeing more information on the city, the city web site is at http://www.ci.concord.nh.us/ There is some information on the FD on that site but not very much.

    As I am not associated with this department, I elected try to just post the facts as best as possible and not add any opinion.

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    Once again, someone who has no clue as to what the Fire Department is or does is making decisions about it. I'm sure that the Concord DPW doesn't send a plow truck out with just 1 person on it, and this clown is advocating 1 firefighter on a truck? Once again, politicians thinking with their wallets instead of the few brain cells they have left has taken precendence over public safety.

    I see fires in Concord come across on East Coast Paging Systems a lot.

    Councilor Brochu: a classic case of a politician suffering from a severe case of rectocranial inversion!

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      It seems a lot of politicains have what we like to call rectal-cranial inversion. I live in North Central Massachusetts and there used to be city councilor, by the name of Emile Goguen, in the city of Fitchburg who, in a council meeting about fire apparatus and responses, made the quite startling suggestion that the fire department should respond to all fals alarms in the reserve apparatus. This, he said, would save on the wear and tear of the new trucks that cost $200,000.
      He is wuite the enlightened one. Of course now, he is a representing us at the state house in Boston. I feel safe.

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