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The "Tape"

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  • The "Tape"

    By now, I'm sure we've all seen the tape of "OBL" and his buddies discussing the WTC. I've seen it several times, and it seems to me that if the government translation is indeed accurate, then OBL has fingered himself. What do you think?

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    Honestly couldn't tell ya. We tried to watch it at work but couldn't see the translations at the bottom of the screen due to the "Severe Weather Warnings" in our area. I would like to watch it soon uninterrupted so I could give a valid answer.
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      has a transcript.

      I didn't doubt that he had a hand in it anyway. Other than the conspiracy theorists who think it's a fake, 99.99% of the people who watch it won't have in problem believing OBL is behind it.

      Now, how long until OBL looks into the business end of a Special Forces rifle? I like that better than him getting it quick and painless from a Daisycutter. It's no fun if he doesn't know it's coming.
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        I was listening to a radio talk show this afternoon and the question of the validity of the tape came up. The question was asked "how could Osama Bin Laden be stupid enough to make a tape of this kind?"

        The answer is: for the same reasons that the Nazi's documented all of their atrocities in World War 2. They were sure that they would win the war and rule the world and saw this type of documentaion as being history of their greatness.

        The Third Reich, which was to last a thousand years, managed to exist for just 12. Hopefully, Osama will not live to see 12 more days. His own arrogance has convicted him...let him pay the price!
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          What if this tape is a hoax made up by the United States to scapegoat Osama into guilt? Doesn't the actor playing him look a lot like Richard Gere with a turban on his head?

          Can you believe that there are some who think the U.S. fabricated this tape? (Forget the Richard Gere part - I just think he's a total scumbag after the concert for NY).

          Hey, you don't even need the translations. Watch when Osama Bin Camel Jockey describes the way the planes were to crash into the buildings, and watch his hands. One represents a building, and the other the plane. Then the hand representing the building folds over (in a collapse, or destructive type manner). I don't need to here the translation. I know what he's saying.
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            Three words came into mind after I saw that tape
            Dead man walking
            Engine 101
            The Pride of Old Town




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