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Kentland, Is this place for real??

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    Lawnprincess??....Jake, I love it!!!


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      Ok Jake, there is no need to call names.

      You may be right, back a long long long time ago when you were in PG County, that may be how it is. Now that times have changed, you should really look into things before you run your mouth.

      Lets get one thing straight, Kentland is a department, not a station.
      To be the busiest volunteer department, one should be all volunteer. Kentland as a department is NOT ALL VOLUNTEER. Kentland's Station 33, is all volunteer. So when counting stats, to be the busiest all Volunteer Fire Department, only Station 33 should be counted.

      Second, if YOU would look at Kentland's website, http://www.kentland33.com, you would notice that it says
      "The Nations Busiest Volunteer Fire Department"
      As I said before, the Department of Kentland is NOT ALL VOLUNTEER!

      Thirdly, as for 46's crews, they are in the shadow of 33, so they have to work harder. People do not join 46 to belong to Kentland, they join 33.

      Finally, as for the Tower. If you would know anything about Prince George's County at all, you would know that there are only 3 reserve trucks in service, one is at Station 1 in Hyattsville, one is at station 17 in Boulevard Heights, and the third is at station 39 In Bowie. Also, the county is lacking ladder trucks on the Southside. (The Southside is south of Central Avenue, incase that has changed since the 1940's or whenever you were last here) So the county has been transferring trucks from the North side to the south side to adequately protect the Citizens. The County has nothing to do with 33 getting a reserve truck or not.

      A request to Jake is that you research what you are talking about before you make yourself look like a fool again.

      For Daysleeper...I do look at Waldorf's homepage, and I do see the stats...what I do not see is where they boast about being the busiest Volunteer Fire Department, LIKE I SAID. You too should research what you are talking about before you write it. Nowhere on that homepage does it claim to be the busiest ALL VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT, but it does tell the truth. WALADORF IS 100% VOLUNTEER AS A DEPARTMENT, UNLIKE KENTLAND!

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        I don't know, but it sounds to me like if Kentland (33) had an ambulance in their station the "Mini-Pumper" wouldn't run all those EMS runs. Those calls would then be ambulance runs, and their "engine" runs would be considerably fewer. It sounds like the other stations in that area have them, so why doesn't Kentland 33?


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          To answer your question, Kentland 33 refuses to take an ambulance. They do not like running EMS calls,and would rather run it with the Engine or the Mini-Pumper.


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            Wow....I had no idea that this subject would put such a big thorn in so many peoples side. For the most part Kentland seems to be getting praised for the good job that they do and the amount of calls that they run with no compensation.

            5519 engine runs from one station is amazing. I don't see how they could "pad" that many runs. Are they close to DCFD Engine 10? I believe they are the busiest in the country, but 5519 is not too far from the 6800 that I see DC Engine 10 did in 99. Does anyone know about E10???

            I would like to do a ride-along with 33 to see for myself. Has anyone done this? I'll give them a call and try to set one up. I will keep you all posted!

            Thanks...Stay safe

            Sonny Sampson


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              OK, this is truly a curious situation. If, as you say, Kentland (33) does not like to run EMS calls and refuses to take an ambulance, who provides ambulance service in their response district? Their other station? Other stations in that area? If that is so, how does that affect the staffing and volunteer membership at those other stations? I can't imagine it would make Kentland 33 very popular with those folks, not to mention the citizens.
              And what about the local jurisdiction, does the county provide any funding to Kentland 33? Don't they insist on a uniform level of service from all the stations?
              The other thing I find strange is that if, as others have said, they are staffed mostly by paid firefighters from other areas why do they seem to be so pro "100% volunteer" and against paid firefighters? (Not that I believe in any kind of paid vs. volunteer adversarial thing, it just seems peculiar.)

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                I have the real stats as appeared in the 2000 Banquet program for the year 1999.

                E-33 6546 runs
                TW-33 1373 runs
                E-46 2108 runs
                Amb-469 3755 runs

                One the webpage, 46’s calls aren’t listed. The number of runs for the year and week are for Station 33. If Station 33 rolled 4 trucks or 1, that is counted as just 1 run for the station and that’s what you see on the weekly totals. Keep in mind that if one of the wagons rolls and there is another crew for a 2nd or 3rd wagon, any subsequent calls are added to the engine total. So if 331 is on an auto fire and 333 gets a wreck, that’s 2 separate calls for the engine.

                I have watched the members do the paperwork (county mandated). Each call no matter how many rigs go is counted as 1 run.

                Lawnboy- I dont think that there is a legitate case for you to say they dont run alot of fire. They are over 100 workers for the year.. How many did you go to in your Balto company???

                I hope that this clears up some of the mess. Maybe if everyone stopped speculating, this back and forth argument would stop. I think that this forum lost its focus. Jake- I got your back brother. See you on the 13th



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                  You never ansered my question, Is it a lawyer for ALGORE or a cigarette girl for 1619?


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                    Thank you Mr Vinny for proving the truth, that Kentland Volunteer Fire Department IS NOT the busiest 100% VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT in the World, as they claim.

                    Combined, they ran 13,782 calls last year between the TWO stations, which one is partially career staffed. Where are the rest of the 4,000 calls published in Firehouse Magazine in October of 2000?

                    As for the daily totals, listen to PGFD online, http://www.riverdalevfd.org
                    and count the calls they run, the truth will speak for itself.

                    But on the downside, Vinny, I never said that they do not run alot of fire! I believe I said that, and I quote, "The truth about Kentland. Yes they do run alot of calls, and yes, they do catch a lot of fire. " Which I posted on 11-29-2000 at 03:44 AM est.

                    Also, as for "Rescue Engine 333"
                    Prince George's County does not recognize the unit "Rescue Engine." In fact, they can only run it as a Class-A Pumper! The county offered to let then run it as a squad, however they would have to take on an ambulance. In fact, the county said they would only have to house it, the county would staff it. But Kentland is so against an ambulance, they turned it down.

                    As nozzelhog pointed out, the neighboring departments are not too fond of Kentland 33's NON-Ambulance status, however the neighboring departments do nt have the Volunteer depth that Kentland has and relies partially on Career staffing to suppliment the voluneers. By accepting career personnel, a Department must also have an ambulance.


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                      Sonny Sampson-
                      "for the most part kentland seems to be doing a pretty good job for the amount of calls that they do and recieve no comensation"
                      I guess if I was single and had nothing better to do with my off-time or a student I would love to have FREE room and board. I'm not at all knocking anybody from Kentland, but except for responding to runs without getting paid for it they ARE RECIEVING COMPENSATION. How much does rent for an apartment go for in that area? My hats off to anybody that wants to serve there because it sounds like they do put a lot of time into it.


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                        everyone at the firehouse actually pays a certain amount of money per month to live there.. Even non-live ins have to contribute... No one gets a free ride..

                        Furthermore, I dont think that anyone that is a member there would take an aparment there. The neighborhood is a pretty bad slum.

                        No one responds from home so even if they had apartments they would make therig.. You may not make the rig if you were on the bowl.. If they arent out in 15-20 seconds, there is hell to pay. they get out fast and loaded.


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                          People, places, and things that "go against the grain" or don't follow the mainsteam of ideas and beliefs are bound to cause controversy and discussion. And that is what we have here.

                          I have been a volunteer fireman in Maryland for many years. I've seen lots of changes, both good and bad. One thing that doesn't seem to change is the quality of firemen that respond from the big station on Landover Road.

                          In spite of this forum I checked out their website. There are photos from a recent fire on Elsa Ave in Co. 38's area. The amount of fire was huge...an exterior attack for most departments..but as you can see an aggressive attack was performed. It takes B*lls to take on a fire like that.

                          That's all that it takes to put out a fire....B*lls and common sense. Not reflective vests and college degrees.

                          Jealousy seems to be playing a major factor for these guys that are staying up until 3am writting in this forum bashing 33 for "doing it" the way they only can dream about. I'll be honest...I'm jealous. I wish that I had the time and the skills (and the youthful body..I'm 52) to be a part of Kentland.

                          God bless them....they are some of the last few "old school firemen" that have a grasp on the basic skills needed to get the job done.



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                            Who let the dogs out?????? My god this was just a question brought up by one person and it has started a debate. The only thing that should count is that when someone calls 911 they know that they will have a quick responce. If it were your family wouldn't you want a quick responce?
                            For you lawnboy, the other 4000 calls that were in Firehouse were for the medic unit out of station 46. So that would bring the total up to 17,000. It did not mention 17,000 Volunteer calls. It mentioned the department as a whole. Be glad that there are still people who want to help others in this the "ME GENERATION" and do it because they enjoy what they do.
                            In closing "When it's hot and the others flee, Just leave the line for 33"


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                              First off...I do not want to give the immpression that I dislike Kentland, or that I am saying that they do a bad job. I am not saying that at all. What i am trying to do is to show all of you Whackers out there what really happens. Most of you do not know what really goes on there or in PG County at all. They do see alot of fire. But has anyone brought up Baltimore City? They run 10 x's the amount of Fire Kentland runs....but they dont go bragging about it. How many times has a Kentland fire been on the cover of Firehouse Magazine? I can count at least 3 Times one from Baltimore City has been, in the past 2 years alone.

                              Furthermore, in reference to the question about DCFD Engine 10, sure Engine Co 33 may run more, they also run 4-5 Engines...how can you compare that? You can't, if you want to count like that, count each Engine individually, then try and measure up!

                              And for KVFD Volunteer...if we don't give you the line, will you fight us just like the Captain from 33 and the PG Career Firefighter? Thats right. One of the "Most professional firefighters," or ,"firefighters that the rest of us should look up too," or "the best VOLUNTEER FIREMEN GOD put upon this green earth," was involved in a fist fight on a fireground inside someones home. How can we respect that portion of Kentland. One person ruined it for everyone. Wheather or not he started it or not is not important, he was involved, and it is bad PR for the Fire Service in a whole, and Kentland had part of it.

                              So for all of you out there typing with only one hand, and with the other hand...well, look at all the facts, and visit Kentland before you begin to tell others how you believe it is.

                              and for KVFD....let me know if my rear strobes are working when you are following me down the road!


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                                I have a question -- is LawnBoy a firefighter??? How much time has he got "on the back step"? To me, it sounds as if there is a lot of pure jealousy here? Strictly on a gut feeling, I would say probably that even the newest kid in Kentland Station 33 has more water in his boots than LawnBoy has put on a fire...or should I stand corrected -- more water on the lawn than an in-ground sprinkler system.
                                These guys don't need anyone to justify how "busy" they are. Just try crawling down a hallway with one of them sometime; this is the caliber of the guy I want to come get me if I am ever in trouble...enough said.


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