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Kentland, Is this place for real??

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  • Kentland, Is this place for real??

    I've heard that this is the busiest volunteer fire department in the country. Is this true?...Is their web site accurate? www.kentland33.com It just doesn't seem possible that volunteers are handling that much call volume.

    S.Sampson F/F EMT P
    New York State

  • #2
    Yhey sure are for real,you would have to see the area that they serve to understand their call volume, these guys have gone on a working fire early in the morning, and get picked up on two more workers before they get back to the station.


    • #3
      They are the classic example of doing everything contrary to the norm to improve protection for their citizens. For that reason the IAFF is picking on them because they see them as a threat. Only in America does the brotherhoood of fire services attack each other when one department proves they are equal.


      • #4
        I have to give them credit, they appear to run a lot of calls. BUT,

        I have a question. In their website they say that they have two stations, 33 all volunteer, and another unmentioned.

        Is this station staffed by paid FF's, does this other station's numbers play into the stats listed? I'm finding it hard to believe that a family would put up with their father being gone for 20 + calls almost every day of the year. Does every rig get a separate number? Are trouble alarms counted as runs?

        I would be interested in hearing more but am quite skeptical.


        • #5
          These guys at 33 are without a doubt for real. Kentland does have 2 stations 33 and 46. 33 alone does around 6000 engine runs and 2000 truck runs with an all volunteer staff 24/7.

          Some members actually live in the firehouse (I've heard around 15-20 live-ins) and they want nothing more in life than to go to fires. And that they do...it's not uncommon for 33 to run 3-4 fires a week.

          They are the heart of PG County Maryland, and firefighters that the rest of us should look up too.


          • #6
            Yes fellas, there is a place called Kentland. It is staffed with the best VOLUNTEER FIREMEN GOD put upon this green earth. I cut my firefightin teeth on the streets of Landover Maryland nearly 22 years ago. The numbers are for real. These are real men kickin butt and takin names. But beware, these guys don't put up with any silly stuff, if you wanna go visit and see the best VFD in the land, make sure you are most humble. Their secret is just good old down and dirty interior attack firefighting. 33 FOREVER


            • #7
              Hey guys,
              Since someone brought it up, what is the live-in program like? I once thought about transfering to U of Maryland, which I understand a lot of the live-ins do. I changed my mind when I gave up on majoring in fire science or emergency management. How far is Ketland from D.C.? Thats where I am heading after college, and think that beign a vollie there would be great. Any body that can help me out, thanks.

              "When the bell goes ding-ding, its time to get on the woo-woo."
              "Dusting desire - starting to learn. Walking through fire with out a burn..."


              • #8
                I know a guy from a neighboring dept who used to be on Kentland. To this day, he is one of the most intense firefighters I have ever met. He is also one of the most knowledgeable guys I've met when it comes to apparatus construction. These guys are definately for real, and have probably earned every bit of their reputation. Prince Georges county is apparently a very well run entity. I love where I am now, but hey...who wouldn't love to be on a company that gets a lot of work?


                • #9
                  I had the honor of riding with the guys at station 33 a few times and I was awestruck at the uniform level of education, intensity and experience of every member who I had the opportunity to interact with. I saw a brotherhood, in every sense of the word. I felt that these men had intense respect for each other, Kentland, and the Job. Believe what you have read...these guys are legit.


                  • #10
                    Kentland, that is station 33, is just outside Washington. (The US Air arena is in their first due area as well)Their tower truck did a station fill in at one of the DC stations last month because of multiple fires in the Washington area. This put them as the first due truck at the White House...They are close...And College Park, where U-Maryland is, is also protected by a volunteer department, company 12 I think it is...

                    I also wanted to ask...Their seems to be a lot of animosity towards volunteers in PG County, particularly Kentland. There were rumors that Article 43 (I think it was 43) in the IAFF local's policy (naming volunteer depts. as rivals) was targeted at Kentland. For the life of me, I don't understand this...Could someone in the greater PG area explain this to me....?

                    BTW- A little elf told me Code 3 is planning to do a model of Tower 33 for release in February...

                    [This message has been edited by TruroFAO (edited 11-27-2000).]


                    • #11
                      SSD you should get your head out of your rear, you sound like a moron. Communist IAFF, where do you get that from? The volunteers at Kentland are probably some of the best firefighters I have ever seen, but I bet if ya really look, a lot of them belong to the IAFF, because they are DC Firefighters. The fight is between the career firefighters in PG who have a problem with the DC firefighters volunteering in PG. The PG firefighters are the ones who brought that resolution forward to the IAFF, the IAFF as an orginization did not go after the Kentland Firefighters, so get a clue before you spout off at your ignorant mouth again. No offense to the fella's from 33, I know that you guys are every bit as good as they say.


                      • #12

                        It is post like that cause Career and Volunteer personnel to not get along. We are both here to do a job. I could care less if Kentland is a better company. The bottom line is are they doing their job. Are they working with both sides of the P.G.County Fire/Rescue Services with Professionalism. I know some firefighters on the career side who are not the most professional. It goes both ways, but we dont need people like you stirring the pot of Sh*t and making things worse.
                        Just my opinion.


                        PROUD, PROFESSIONAL, PROGRESSIVE

                        Montgomery County Division Of Fire/Rescue Services
                        Member IAFF Local 1664
                        [email protected]


                        • #13
                          Amen Tentruck.


                          PROUD, PROFESSIONAL, PROGRESSIVE

                          Montgomery County Division Of Fire/Rescue Services
                          Member IAFF Local 1664
                          [email protected]


                          • #14
                            Hello All,

                            Kentland is a very real and very special place. I am from New York and have been around the fire service all my life. I have seen the best and worst as departments go. When I heard about Kentland many months ago I was skeptical, but when I went there I was awestruck. This is without a doubt the most professional Volunteer company in the world.. and every bit as busy as the numbers say. It is pointless to chase fires in Kentlands area, the fires go out too fast.

                            About the code 3 models.. They went on pre order last week for club members, they will go on sale to the general public (pre-order) this week or next. The price will be 64.99 I believe. they will be shipped in early January. If Code 3 gets good feedback for the tower I will then try and get them to do E-331, but it was hard enough to push TW33 as it was. Keep an eye on www.kentland33.com and www.code3.net for moe updates.

                            Keep Safe and Keep Low

                            Matt Lund


                            • #15
                              SSD: Do you know where you "Caps Lock" key is on your keyboard? All caps is annoying and gives the impression that you are shouting.

                              Then again, what else would you expect from someone who takes pride in a yellow metro! JUST JOKING!!!! I am only busting your stones about that last one SSD, so don't get all ****ed off.


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