I just wanted to convey a thought that struck me today as I read news excerpts from CNN and local media. Thank God that I have had exemplery leadership throughout my career as a FF/PM. I look back on the 17+ years I've given and can honestly say that I've had very gutsy and aggresive leaders... Men of integrity and Men of their Word. The unspeakable b*st*rds that murdered so many of our brothers lack that leadership thankfully. Doesn't it amaze everyone that the very men who would defend their postings to the death are now running for their mountain hideouts showing the true coward that they are!!! I'm so thankful for being an American... Living quietly among the strong willed men of honor who choose to do the right thing. Rest assured brothers... our military will repay many times over what was done to us... Why? Because we have strong leaders, and our adversary picked the wrong country. Your thoughts are encouraged and welcome. Have a safe & happy Holiday Season Brian