Most of you have probably done this but we were bored and decided to log a few hours of training last shift. All you need is some paper and two radios. Bored dude number one draws 5 or 6 shapes on a piece of paper. Bored dude number two goes into a seperate room and sits down with a radio and a blank piece of paper. Go to a back channel and bored dude number one has to tell the other dude what to draw on his paper. Number two cant ask any questions. It is a communications drill and you would be amazed on how screwed up the drawing gets. For added enjoyment, try it with your air pack on. It helps you learn how to talk and give directions through a SCBA mask. And if you really want to get fancy, dig up some legos, seperate the pile into equal parts, build something with your pile and try to have the other guy build what you are looking at. Its pretty much a waste of time but it can kill a few hours of down time and add some training hours to your file.