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  • Physical Fitness Tests

    What kind of physical fitness test does your dept. do, and is it a good idea to have one?

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    mhfd124 -- This is what we have our new recruits do for testing. We have to do this twice a year with the exception of the ladder climb. This is with full turn out and scba (breathing air).
    NOTE THIS IS NOT A TIMED EVENT. The key is not to run out of air.

    1. Roof ladder off the pumper and set it down at your feet. stand straight and then put it back.

    2. Raise 35 ft. extentions ladder. CAN NOT SLIDE THROUGH YOUR HANDS.

    3. Stretch a DRY 2 1/2 200 ft.

    4. Simulated attic crawl.

    5. Keiser sled Just like the one on Combat Challenge.

    6. Take (5) rolled section of 2 1/2 (cotton with brass couplings) from one table to the other. Its appr. 8 ft. to simulate tailboard to tailboard.

    7. Then drag the dummy which is 180lbs 60 ft.

    8. Take a break for 6 minutes and change bottle. Then walk 200 ft and do all the exercises all over again.

    The recruits then go to a different location for the ladder climb. We do not have to do the ladder climb after employment.

    Any questions, let me know.

    Be safe, JB
    These are MY opinions only, not the organizations that I am affiliated with.

    Dont forget to wear your "REED"!

    Be Safe
    Jerremy Brown


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      My department conducts the following test for new recruits as well as employees annually.

      1. EMT takes blood pressure, pulse, and SCBA pressure is recorded.
      2. Full turnout, SCBA, and breathing air.
      3. Time starts when you pick up highrise pack and climb the stairwell of training tower.(5 stories) Drop hose pack, hoist 50' of 2 1/2" hose up to 5th floor window with rope and pull hose inside. Pick up highrise pack and exit tower by stairs.
      4. Walk to Keiser Sled and move weight the distance of the sled by hitting with mallet.
      5.Connect 100' of 1 3/4" hose to hydrant and turn on hydrant. Pull hose 100', open nozzle and knock over cone with stream.
      6. Enter burn building, crawl through maze until you find "Rescue Randy" and pull dummy out.
      7. Ending SCBA pressure is recorced along with ending blood pressure and pulse.

      This has been our test for awhile now but we are going to change to a new course.Ithink it is called the "Fit Test"? I am told Phoenix FD and Charlotte FD use this test.

      ** Anyone preformed this test? What do you think?

      Stay safe my Brothers and Sisters!

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        we have to do this test to get hired and then every 6 months till we quit or retire.
        1 1/2 mile in 13 minutes
        35 situps in 1 minute
        25 pushups w/out stopping
        7 pull ups
        Sit and reach 14" or more

        the minutes in the run increase and the number of situps, pushups, and pull ups decrease as you get older of course....

        really a waste of time if you ask me. has to do with nothing of the job. we are suppose to be moving ot the CPAC test which the state academy has adopted. not sure about what you have to do...will post when i find out or someone might know where to find out or know of the test.
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