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spoiled Brit teen inserts foot in mouth

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  • spoiled Brit teen inserts foot in mouth

    As far as I'm concerned, kids and the entertainment industry don't mix. It's a recipe for disaster, as countless E True Hollywood Stories attest. Charlotte Church may be an E True Hollywood Story in the making. She sure is prone to poor decision-making, as the recent N.Y. Post article below attests. Tina Fey had a funny dig at the young Ms. Church on this week's Saturday Night Live, saying take heart in the fact that the singer will grow up to be fat. Ah, youth, it's a shame it's wasted on the young.

    November 29, 2001 -- She may have the "voice of an angel" but teen singing sensation Charlotte Church has a bit of a devilish attitude.
    The 15-year-old Brit was not exactly kind to New York firefighters and Paul McCartney in an interview with a British newspaper.

    The prodigy sniffed to the Times of London that she disapproved of the fact firefighters have now climbed the ladder from anonymous heroes to American superstars.

    "They are even invited here to present television awards, which I just don't agree with," the paper quoted the classical soprano as saying.

    Church - whose first album "Voice of an Angel" made her an international phenom - was in New York Nov. 12 when Flight 587 crashed and told the paper she was not happy her interview with "Good Morning America" was scrubbed.

    Church also reportedly said people in New York were too focused on the attacks.

    "Everyone there has to relate themselves to it," she said. "They are like, 'Yeah, my neighbors' dog's owner's sister's dog was involved, but he got out just in time.'

    "It was a bit sick. People overdramatize and lose perspective."

    She also slammed Paul McCartney's stunned reaction to the horror at the WTC, the paper said.

    "There was Paul McCartney saying, 'I witnessed the crash.' Who cares? Thousands witnessed it," Church is quoted as saying.

    Church claimed her quotes were "taken out of context" and called the story "upsetting." She said she visited ground zero and was humbled by the experience.

    "The New York firefighters display remarkable courage. To myself and others around the world, they are true heroes."

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    Yeah, there are some people that just don't think .... the problem here is that the person's comments are filtered through the press. I have read articles that have had the full interview with a star (like Paul McCartney's), and later seen bits and pieces used to completely change the comments around into something else.

    Yes, the poor little singer should have known better, but let's not string her up with all the true sleezebags who have been using this horrible incident to their advantange. I would be interested in seeing the whole transcript of the interview before the reporter from the London Times got a hold of it.
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      The name switcher


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        As you point out, a 15 year old does not have the maturity to keep their opinions to themselves at times. And we have also seen many times right here on this forum how people will hang their hat on one sentence made by someone that, when taken out of context, say something completely different that what was intended. Sure, those who are so inclined should send their complaints to her promoters, but temper that with the potentials for misquotes and her need to learn from her choice of words rather than crucify her for them.
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          MM, gotta agree with you. Fortunately, only a miniscule fraction of one percent of 15 year olds have the forum to express their opinions as she does. I shudder to think what I said at 15, and am profoundly grateful that it was not recorded for posterity (fortunately, age has clouded my memories of that time).

          I am much more concerned when a 50 year old mayor or city manager dismisses the critical nature of the job we do when budgets are at issue. Let's focus on these people rather than a teenager who has been lulled into believing that she is the most important person in the world.


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            I've spent significant time in England and western Europe as a child, and as a college student. One thing I did take with me is that Britons are very talkative and open...and often this was welcoming to me because I learned so much more from everyday people than I did from the professors in class.

            However, with this openness is the fact that many Britons feel need to forth their opinion on anyone who will listen - either on the bus, the subway, or to the media. Countless times I've been on a bus when some irate passenger felt compelled to complain about the queen, the prime minister, our President, traffic or global warming.

            The London Times is a good paper considering the amount of smut tabloid papers available. I'd be a bit disappointed if they took Ms. Church's quotes out of context (however, tabloids like The Daily Mail, I'd expect nothing but smut).

            In all, most 15 year olds (no matter how wealthy or famous) have no place to spout any opinions on national policy or foreign relations, or to understand the "perspective" of Americans who experienced this tragedy. Of course everyone can "relate" to what happened because it realized the philosophy of "Six Degrees of Separation". Its just at different levels, and I doubt that anyone is concerned about their mailman's dog surviving (yeah, her attempt at humor was REALLY bad and immature).

            Of course, her words were "taken out of context"...but the fact still stands that if they COULD be taken out of context, they shouldnt have been said at all.

            And, yeah...as Tina Fey said...I hope she DOES get fat!

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              WPLJ, 95.5 FM on Long Island interviewed the British reporter who actually has the whole interview on his tape recorder!! He didn't share on the air, but said he was considering it.
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                "Opinions are like *******s...Everyone's got one.."
                And that all I've got to say about that (Forrest Gump)
                HELL YEAH!!!
                The comments made by me are just that. Not of the Fire dept or Ambulance squad I am on.


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