I was provoked by the other topic of accoutibility.
We use a passport system.
We have three velcro name plates with rank attached to our helmets. We place two of these on separate "pucks" in our assigned truck for the shift.
It is given to command on arriva of an incident.
Command has a board to place you to your assigned duty.

The third pass port is left on our helmet for an extra.
We are very good about placing our names in the truck each day. We are less diciplined in turning it over to command at incidents. If it is given to command it many times gets shoved into a pocked and forgotten. Even if command makes an attempt to keep up with the accountibility board they really are not sure of each individual going in to the structure. I have alway thought a better way to account for someone inside of the structure is to place people at each entrance and use the third tag here. You must turn your tag over to enter the structure. When you exit it is your responsibility to retreive your tag from the accountibility person at the door.

Just my thougts. I was just wondering if people had any similar problems and what you have done to over come them.