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Sorry folks, but you're killing me...(and yourselves)

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  • Sorry folks, but you're killing me...(and yourselves)

    I'm sure I will take some heat for this, however I must say this... What in the world is going on here?

    I have not posted much of anything recently, but I have read some of the posts. There seems to be a recurring theme... Something vs. Something. Be it paid or volunteer, smooth vs. combo, which brand of helmet rules. And the latest, people bitching about posts that are riddled with spelling and gramatical errors. Come on, fellas. Are we really that bored that we have to invent things to bitch about?

    What ever happened to good natured arguments? Stories about our dads, uncles and grandfathers who we followed into the fire service? New things that YOU have seen that may help EVERYBODY?
    Hell, talk about a good spirited rivalry you may have with a neighboring department. We are on the same team.

    Years ago I learned something at instructor school that I have carried with me. I will paraphrase the lead instructor:

    "You might be teaching in some of the towns with less money. Perhaps the fire engine that you will have to use for class is something from the 1940's with chipped paint and a few rust spots. But, that is the best truck in the world."

    If things work well someplace, or one happens to love a particular make of apparatus or type... cool.

    It irks me that we are supposedly the best (firefighters) in the world and yet we consistently bash one another to no end. "This sucks, that sucks, PG county blows, (not written to offend anyone in MD. I recall it was a hot topic).

    I think that we all can benefit to learn how one's respective department functions in whatever town. I believe we all like to be challenged by our brother and sisters comments, but not belitlled by them.

    If one is that ****ed at another's comments, e-mail them or write them a letter. Keep the bashing out of here. It is beneath us.

    Lastly, I would like to close with the words of SouthBronx: "There is a saying in our job that seems quite appropriate. 'The job is bigger than all of us.' That's how we sum up our need to go back to working every day without so many of our friends and family members. Think about it."

    I will. Hope everyone does as well.

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    "In all of us there are heroes... speak to them and they will come forth."

    "In order for us to achieve all that is demanded of us, we must regard ourselves as greater than we are."

    "Be excellent to each other."

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    amen to that,brother!!


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      what occured on 9/11/01 it goes way beyond human understanding.if we had the wisdom of the gods we still couldnt understand what happened that day even if we live to be 100.Different people cope with this tragedy in very different ways than others.there are some people who need to feel like heroes,while others deal with it by not dealing with it.But there is a common thread in any of the ways we deal with tragedy.one of my friends was in the first tower to collapse,he was lucky to get out alive.after the collapse he stayed another 10 hours treating mostly FF's who were injured in both collapses.he stayed until he was emotionalyspent and we took him home.a few days later he sought psycological help.he got treatment for a few days and stooped them.over the next few months he became worse.On thanksgivig he became violent and suffered a nervous breakdown.We had to take him to the hospital,where he was placed in a psych ward,and has been heavily sedated.what i want to say is that these emotions we are feeling is going to manifest itself into some serious psycological event and will have devastating consequences.And this being a very well read forum,we should not overlook any rescue workers who may fall into this syndrome.the best thing for us to do is reconize the warning signs and get them the help they need or they just may end up like my friend.


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